Dongou is a city and seat of Dongou District in the Likouala Region of northeastern Republic of the Congo.

Dongou is located in Republic of the Congo
Location in the Republic of the Congo
Coordinates: 2°3′N 18°3′E / 2.050°N 18.050°E / 2.050; 18.050
CountryFlag of the Republic of the Congo.svg Republic of the Congo
RegionLikouala Region
DistrictDongou District

Coordinates: 2°03′N 18°03′E / 2.050°N 18.050°E / 2.050; 18.050

Dongou was the first capital of the region of "Oubangui inférieure" when it was in French Congo. At independence on 1960, it became the economic capital of Likouala region. Now, Dongou's population is over 10,000. Dongou receives two rivers: Oubangui with white water, and Motaba River, with black water.