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Dongfeng Renault

Dongfeng Renault Automobile Company (DRAC) or Dongfeng Renault is an equally owned Chinese joint venture between car manufacturers Dongfeng Motor Group and Renault aimed to produce and sell Renault-badged vehicles, established in 2013. The joint venture emerged from Sanjiang Renault, a previous partnership between Renault and Sanjiang Space established in 1993.

Dongfeng Renault Automobile Company
Native name
Joint venture
PredecessorSanjiang Renault Automotive Company
Founded1993 (as Sanjiang Renault)
16 December 2013 (as Dongfeng Renault)
Area served
Production output
Increase 74,730 (2017)[1]
OwnerDongfeng Motor Group (50%)
Renault S.A. (50%)
Dongfeng Renault
Simplified Chinese东风雷诺
Traditional Chinese東風雷諾



Sanjiang RenaultEdit

In 1993, Renault and Sanjiang Space Group established a manufacturing joint venture at Xiaogan called Sanjiang Renault Automotive Company (Chinese: 三江雷诺汽车有限公司).[2][3] Renault had a 45% stake in the company while Sanjiang had 55%.[4] In 1995, the company started assembling Renault Trafics. The partnership proved unsuccessful,[4] and Sanjiang Renault only assembled 4,906 units[3] before it halted production in 2003[2] or 2004.[4]

Dongfeng RenaultEdit

Talks with Dongfeng began in 2004[4] or 2003[2] around the same time production halted at the failed Sanjiang-Renault partnership. As part of Dongfeng's agreements with Nissan, the three companies agreed to create eventually a so-called "golden triangle" of three-way collaboration.[4] In June 2013, Dongfeng acquired the 55% stake in Sanjiang Renault from its erstwhile Chinese partner renaming the legal entity Dongfeng Renault Automobile Company.[2] Renault signed on to the creation of an equally owned joint venture on 16 December 2013 after gaining final approval from the Chinese government.[5]


Dongfeng Renault is in charge of Renault's China sales. The Dongfeng Renault plant was built at Wuhan and started production in February 2016. It has an estimated output of up to 150,000 vehicles per year.[6] The Renault's Wuhan facilities also include an engine workshop and a research and development centre.[6][7] Production will initially focus on sport utility vehicles (SUVs).[5]

Produced modelsEdit



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