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Dong Ap Bia (Vietnamese: Đồi A Bia, Ap Bia Mountain) is a mountain on the Laotian border of South Vietnam in Thừa Thiên–Huế Province. Rising from the floor of the western A Shau Valley, it is a looming, solitary massif, unconnected to the ridges of the surrounding Annamite range. It dominates the northern valley, towering some 937 metres above sea level. Snaking down from its highest peak are a series of ridges and fingers, one of the largest extending southeast to a height of 900 metres, another reaching south to a 916-metre peak. The entire mountain is a rugged, uninviting wilderness blanketed in double- and triple-canopy jungle, dense thickets of bamboo, and waist-high elephant grass. Local Montagnard tribesmen call Ap Bia "the mountain of the crouching beast."[1]

Dong Ap Bia
Đồi A Bia
Dong Ap Bia is located in Vietnam
Dong Ap Bia
Dong Ap Bia
LaosVietnam border
Highest point
Elevation937 m (3,074 ft)
ListingList of mountains in Laos
List of mountains in Vietnam
Coordinates16°15′N 107°11′E / 16.250°N 107.183°E / 16.250; 107.183Coordinates: 16°15′N 107°11′E / 16.250°N 107.183°E / 16.250; 107.183
LocationLaosVietnam border
Parent rangeAnnamite Range


In May 1969, Dong Ap Bia was the site of the Battle of Hamburger Hill, a battle of the Vietnam War which was fought by the United States and South Vietnam against North Vietnamese forces.[2]


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