Dome Thong (Thai: โดมทอง; RTGSDome-Thong; lit: Golden Dome; international title: The Dome of Mystery[1] ) is a Thai television series or lakorn. It remake from a 1999 lakorn of the same name (lead role by Sarunyu Wongkrachang).[2]

Dome Thong
Also known asThe Dome of Mystery
Based onDome Thong by Warapa
Written byPawith
Directed byNontanan Thunyasirisuph
StarringTussaneeya Karnsomnuch
Veeraparb Suparbpaiboon
Duangdao Jarujinda
Chawallakorn Wanthanapisitkul
Theme music composerChitpong Treemas
Opening theme"Rak Niran" by Tussaneeya Karnsomnuch & Chitpong Treemas
Ending theme"Rak Niran" by Tussaneeya Karnsomnuch & Veeraparb Suparbpaiboon (only episode 1 & 18)
"Nang Kruan" by Tussaneeya Karnsomnuch (since episode 15–17)
Country of originThailand
Original languageThai
No. of episodes18
Executive producerPairat Sungwaributr
ProducerSayom Sungwaributr
Production locationsBangkok, Lat Lum Kaeo, Pathum Thani, Khao Yai, Rayong, Thailand
Running time120 minutes
Mondays, Tuesdays at 20:30 (ICT)
Production companiesBangkok Broadcasting & T.V. Co., Ltd
Dida Video Production
Original release
NetworkChannel 7
ReleaseJune 10 (2013-06-10) –
August 6, 2013 (2013-08-06)
  • Evening News: Second Edition
  • Praden Det 7 Si

Summary edit

Virongrong or Plubplung (a lily flower in Thai language) is a Bangkok girl. Those who graduated from the United States traveled to the Dome Thong, a large mansion far away. It is a very large place. However, there was a mysterious and horrible location and the people who lived here were all bizarre. At the night she saw a mystery man in tuxedo riding a carriage, he parked in front of her bedroom window, and pointing up on the dome. After that, every full moon night, besides this man will appear at the same place, she also hears the creepy Thai music from the dome.

Virongrong search for truth on her own. Although there is a prohibition that prohibits up the top dome decisively. Before she know it, the truth of all the weird things is sad after all, and it relates to her past.

Cast edit

Main cast

  • Tussaneeya Karnsomnuch as Virongrong (present) and Plubplung (past) (first her lead role)
  • Veeraparb Suparbpaiboon as Adit Sirodom or Khun Rop (present) and Chao Phraya Sorasak Krai Narong (past)
  • Duangdao Jarujinda as Than Phu Ying Montha Sirodom (present)
  • Chawallakorn Wanthanapisitkul as Saengkae
  • Gavintra Photijak as Usa
  • Karnklao Duaysianklao as Pinthong
  • Borvornpoch Jaikunta as Aniruth
  • Phoomphadit Nittayaros as Phansoon

Supporting cast

Cameo appearances

  • Chiranan Manochaem as Than Phu Ying Sorasak Krai Narong or Than Phu Ying Montha Sirodom in the past
  • Prab Yuttapichai as Nai Prom
  • Porjade Kaenpetch as Nai Phan
  • Kanjanaporn Plodpai as Khun Prang

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References edit

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