Dohwaseo or Korean Royal Academy of Painting (Korean: 도화서, hanja: ) is an administrative office of Joseon drawing pictures requested by other administrative offices of Joseon. It was originally called Dohwawon (Korean: 도화원) since Goryeo Dynasty until Yejong,[1] but office's class has been dropped, and office was renamed to Dohwaseo.[2]

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Gyeongguk daejeon documented that Dohwaseo is made of one Je-ju (Korean: 제주, hanja: 調), two Byeol-je (Korean: 별제, hanja: ), and twenty miscellaneous workers. Main task of this organization was to paint a practical paints to the Nation, such as creating Uigwe. Besides, they drew portraits of King, popular men or maps.[2]


Artists who worked on Dohwaseo were called Hwanwon or Hwasa. An Gyeon, hwawon during Sejong the Great, is famous for his Shan shui, and left Mongyudowondo and Sasipaljungdo. Kim Hong-do and Shin Yun-bok is also famous Hwawon for their drawings.[3]

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