Six Ministries of Joseon

The Six Ministries of Joseon were the major executive bodies of the Korean Joseon Dynasty. They included ministries of Personnel (Ijo), Taxation (Hojo), Rites (Yejo), Military Affairs (Byeongjo), Punishments (Hyeongjo), and Public works (Gongjo).[1]

Six Ministries of Joseon
Revised RomanizationYukjo

It was established in 1298. The ministries system of Joseon was similar in outline to that of the preceding Goryeo dynasty. The ministries were much more powerful under Joseon, and their importance grew as the dynasty wore on.[1]

In December 1895, after the First Sino-Japanese War and as a part of the Gabo Reform, a cabinet of seven ministries was modeled after the Japanese one, which had been established only ten years earlier.[citation needed]


Title Hangul Hanja Description
Ijo 이조 吏曹 Personnel
Hojo 호조 戶曹 Taxation
Yejo 예조 禮曹 Rites
Byeongjo 병조 兵曹 Military affairs
Hyeongjo 형조 刑曹 Law Enforcement
Gongjo 공조 工曹 Public works

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