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Doctor Coss is both a city and a municipality in Nuevo León, Mexico. It is located at 25°56′N 99°10′W / 25.933°N 99.167°W / 25.933; -99.167, 182 km NE of Monterrey. Its name honors Dr. José María Coss, a liberal politician of the 19th century. In 2000 the municipality had 2246 inhabitants, while the homonym city (which serves as the municipal seat) had some 1,000.

The first settlement, Paso del Zacate, was formed around 1745 with families from Los Aldamas, Nuevo León and General Bravo. Almost a century later Paso del Zacate was declared a villa by the state congress and finally, on October 7, 1882, the municipality of Doctor Coss was formed with the unification of Paso del Zacate, Zacate, Soledad, El Ebanito, La Lajilla, Los Chorros, Tecomate, Lucero, Las Mujeres and Gachupines.

The municipality has an area of 664.6 km² and is bordered by the state of Tamaulipas to the north, General Bravo to the east and Los Aldama and China to the west. It is located 134 meters above sea level (which makes it the highest municipality in the state) and is crossed by the San Juan river.

Doctor Coss has 4 kindergartens, 14 elementary schools and one secondary school.[citation needed]

List of Mayors in Dr. CossEdit

Municipal President Year(s) In Office
Martín González Hinojosa 1939–1940
Luis Gonzaga Cantu Salinas 1941–1942
Gumersindo Ríos Salinas 1943–1945
Ramón Hinojosa Martínez 1946–1948
Asencio Martínez Trigo 1949–1951
Zaragoza Ríos García 1952–1954
Arnulfo Madrigal Serna 1955–1957
David Peña Cantú 1957 -
Domingo Pérez Alanís 1958–1960
Fidel Ríos Cantú 1961–1963
Leandro Salinas Peña 1964–1966
Severiano Ríos Cantú 1967–1971
Pedro Salinas Treviño 1970–1971
Sixto Gutiérrez Ríos 1972–1973
Juan Salinas Cantú 1974–1976
Rodolfo Hinojosa Tijerina 1977–1979
Simón Ríos Balderas 1980–1982
Matías Leal Ríos 1983–1985
René Salinas Alanís 1986–1988
Simón Ríos Balderas 1989–1991
María Elva Salinas de Hinojosa 1992–1994
Guadalupe García Hinojosa 1994–1997
Delia Rangel Ríos 1997–2000
Jorge Alberto Cantú Cantú (El Queso - El Cheese) 2000–2003
Homero Alanis Salinas 2003–2006
Simón Ríos Rangel 2006–2009
Ríos Rios (Lupe Rios) 2009-2012
Simón Ríos Rangel 2015-2018
Simón Ríos Rangel 2018-2021

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