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Before the independence of South Sudan, the States of Sudan were subdivided into 133 districts. With the adoption of the Interim National Constitution of Sudan [1] and the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan,[2] the ten states of South Sudan are, however, now divided into counties.

The districts are listed below, by state:

Districts of Sudan
Districts of Sudan after South Sudan's Independence (2011)


Al JazirahEdit

Al QadarifEdit

Blue NileEdit



North DarfurEdit

(Not representing the present state structure)

Districts of North Darfur
  1. Mellit District
  2. Kutum District
  3. Kabkabiya District
  4. Al Fasher District
  5. Um Kadada District

North KurdufanEdit


Red SeaEdit

River NileEdit


South DarfurEdit

South KurdufanEdit

West DarfurEdit

White NileEdit

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