Districts of Jordan

The district "Liwaa" (Arabic: لواء, plural Alwiya ألوية) are the administrative centres ("chief towns") in Jordan.[1] The twelve governorates of Jordan contain fifty-two alwiya which are listed below by governorate. In many cases the name of the chief town is the same as the name of the district (liwa) or sub-district (qda) administered.[dubious ]

Districts of Jordan

Central JordanEdit

Amman GovernorateEdit

Balqa GovernorateEdit

Madaba GovernorateEdit

Zarqa GovernorateEdit

North JordanEdit

Ajlun GovernorateEdit

Irbid GovernorateEdit

Jerash GovernorateEdit

Mafraq GovernorateEdit

South JordanEdit

Aqaba GovernorateEdit

Karak GovernorateEdit

  • Al-Karak
  • Qatraneh
  • Ayy'
  • Faqqu'
  • Al-Mazar al-Janubiyya
  • Al-Qasr
  • Aghwar Janoobiyah
    Districts of Karak

Ma'an GovernorateEdit

Tafilah GovernorateEdit

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