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Disco 2000 is a 1998 collection of original short stories edited by music journalist Sarah Champion. The stories in the collection are set in the last hours of 1999, and while the authors featured are largely known for their science fiction work, not every story is strictly of that genre. The collection is a follow up to Champion's previous collection, Disco Biscuits, which took the British club scene as its topic.

Disco 2000
Cover art of Disco 2000
AuthorSarah Champion (editor)
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreScience fiction
Publication date
Media typePrint (paperback)
Pages364 pp




A companion album, also entitled Disco 2000 and released in 1998[2], features, according to the book's afterword, "futuristic music for the end of the millennium, especially recorded as a companion to this book."[3] The album includes contributions from, among others, two of the writers featured in the book, Bill Drummond and Grant Morrison.[4]


Disco 2000 has received largely positive reviews, and holds a three star rating on Goodreads.[5] A review on LibraryThing refers to it as "essential reading for anyone with an interest in the cultural musings from 1990's folk, as they pondered the millenium",[6] and another on states that it spans "the entire spectrum of subcultural discourse from science fiction to cyberpunk to frustrated romance. The gritty experiences of contemporary youth technoculture saturate every selection with brilliant poetry and prose. These are the voices of club kids past, present and absolute must read for people who have experienced the journey into the techno-underworld."[7]


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