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Disciplined Minds

Disciplined Minds is a book by physicist Jeff Schmidt,[1] published in 2000. The book describes how professionals are made; the methods of professional and graduate schools that turn eager entering students into disciplined managerial and intellectual workers that correctly perceive and apply the employer's doctrine and outlook. Schmidt uses the examples of law, medicine, and physics, and describes methods that students and professional workers can use to preserve their personalities and independent thought.

Disciplined Minds
Author Jeff Schmidt
Country United States
Language English
ISBN 0-8476-9364-3
OCLC 43540936
305.5/53/0973 21
LC Class HT687 .S35 2000

Schmidt was fired from his position of 19 years as Associate Editor at Physics Today for writing the book on the accusation that he wrote it on his employer's time. In 2006, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education,[2] it was announced that the case had been settled, with the dismissed editor receiving reinstatement and a substantial cash settlement. According to the article, 750 physicists and other academics, including Noam Chomsky, signed public letters denouncing Schmidt's dismissal.


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