Dina Zulfikar

Dina Ezz El-Dine Zulfikar (Egyptian Arabic: دينا ذو الفقار, ‘Dīna Zū al-Fiqār, ‘Dina Zulficar, ‘Dina Zulfakar; born April 22, 1962) is an Egyptian environmentalist, film distributor and animal, wildlife rights activist.[1][2] She is a member of the Animal welfare and rights in the Netherlands.[3][4][5]

Dina Zulfikar
دينا ذو الفقار
Dina Zulfikar by Hatem Moushir.JPG
Zulfikar in 2013
Dina Ezz El-Dine Zulfikar

(1962-04-22) April 22, 1962 (age 60)
OccupationFilm distributor • environmentalist • activist
RelativesAhmed Mourad Bey Zulfikar (Grandfather)
FamilyZulfikar family

Early life and educationEdit

Dina Zulfikar was born in 1962 in Zamalek district of Cairo, to Ezz El-Dine Zulfikar, filmmaker, previously a military officer and Kawthar Shafika, actress. She had a great sympathy towards animals in her childhood. Her activism began while she was a student at Cairo University. Zulfikar teamed up with her childhood friend Amina Abaza and together they established SPARE Animal Welfare Society.[6]


Zulfikar graduated from Cairo University in 1983, majoring in Business Administration. She worked in the US Military Cooperation Office in Egypt, and established the Arab Celebrity website. She also owned a film distribution company in Egypt and France, and then devoted herself entirely to animal rights.[7][8] Recently, Dina Zulfikar called for the inclusion of articles in the Egyptian constitution for the welfare of animals and the preservation of wildlife.[9][10][11] She also called for improving the living conditions of animals in zoos and for the application of international standards.[12] She became one of Egypt's most determined and dedicated animal welfare advocates.[13][14][15][16]

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