Dimensions of Dialogue

Dimensions of Dialogue (Czech: Možnosti dialogu) is a 1983 Czechoslovak animated short film directed by Jan Švankmajer. It is 14 minutes long and created with stop motion.

Dimensions of Dialogue
Directed byJan Švankmajer
Written byJan Švankmajer
Music byJan Klusák
CinematographyVladimír Malík
Edited byHelena Lebdušková
Distributed byKrátký Film Praha
Release date
  • January 25, 1983 (1983-01-25)
Running time
14 minutes


The animation is divided into three sections. "Eternal conversation" (Dialog věčný) shows Arcimboldo-like heads gradually reducing each other to bland copies; "Passionate discourse" (Dialog vášnivý) shows a clay man and woman who dissolve into one another sexually, then quarrel and reduce themselves to a frenzied, boiling pulp; and "Exhaustive discussion" (Dialog vyčerpávající) consists of two elderly clay heads who extrude various objects on their tongues (toothbrush and toothpaste; shoe and shoelaces, etc.) and intertwine them in various combinations.[2]


Terry Gilliam selected the film as one of the ten best animated films of all time.[3]



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