Diken (magazine)

Diken (Ottoman Turkish: Thorn) was a weekly satirical magazine which was published in the period 1918–1920 in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire. It was one of the publications which were founded by Sedat Simavi, a well-known Turkish journalist. The magazine was one of the first Ottoman satirical publications which featured color cartoons.[1]

  • Satirical magazine
  • Political magazine
First issue30 October 1918
Final issue19 September 1920
CountryOttoman Empire
Based inIstanbul
LanguageOttoman Turkish

History and profileEdit

Diken was established by Sedat Simavi in 1918 as a bimonthly magazine.[2] Zekeriya Sertel was another founder of the magazine.[3] Istanbul was under the occupation of Allied forces following World War I when the first issue appeared on 30 October.[1] Over time the frequency of Diken was switched to weekly.[1] The magazine targeted the educated Ottoman intellectuals.[2] The focus of the magazine was on the political criticism, and it did not overtly support the independence movement led by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.[1] It featured poems by Yusuf Ziya Ortaç.[1] After producing 59 issues Diken published its final issue on 19 September 1920.[1]


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