List of satirical magazines

This is a list of satirical magazines which have a satirical bent, and which may consist of fake news stories for mainly humorous purposes.


Name Country Place Start Status Comments
Academia Cațavencu Romania Bucharest 1991 ongoing
Alhudood Jordan Amman 2013 ongoing
L'Asino Italy Rome 1892 1925
L'Assiette au Beurre France Paris 1901 1936
Il Becco Giallo Italy Rome 1924 1931
El Be Negre Spain Barcelona 1931 1936[1] Briefly revived in 1979 as Amb potes rosses
Bertoldo Italy Milan 1936 1943
La Campana de Gràcia Spain Barcelona 1870 1934 Suspended in 1872, 1874 and 1890, and substituted by L'Esquella de la Torratxa
Candido Italy Milan 1945 1961
Cane Toad Times Australia Brisbane 1977 1990 Motivated by political events in Queensland under the Bjelke-Petersen Government (1968–1987).
La Caricature France Paris 1830 1843
La Caricature France Paris 1880 1904
Caras y Caretas (Argentina) Argentina Buenos Aires 1898 ongoing
Le Canard enchaîné France Paris 1915 ongoing
Le Charivari France Paris 1832 1937
Charlie Hebdo France Paris 1969 ongoing publication suspended (1981–1992); a mass killing of contributors at its offices in 2015 causes one issue to appear late, but fails to stop publication
The Chaser Australia 1999 2005 Resumed print publication as a quarterly journal in 2015.
The Clinic Chile Santiago 1998 ongoing
Cu-Cut! Spain Barcelona 1902 1912 briefly revived 1913–14[2]
Cuore Italy Rome 1989 1996
Cyrulik Warszawski Poland Warsaw 1926 1934 associated with the Skamander literary circle; the title Cyrulik Warszawski translates as "The Barber of Warsaw".
Ad-Dabbour Lebanon Beirut 1922 ongoing [3]
The Daily Mash United Kingdom 2007 ongoing
Davul Ottoman Empire Istanbul 1908 1909
Dikobraz Czechoslovakia
Czech Republic (from 1993)
1945 1995 from 1990 under the title Nový Dikobraz; briefly revived 2004–2005 under the title Dikobraz a Zabaveno; the title Dikobraz translates as "Old World Porcupine"
De Nieuwe Netherlands Amsterdam 1991 ongoing Back after a well earned sabbatical of 25 years, De Nieuwe is the only printed satire magazine in the Netherlands
Der Drache Germany Leipzig 1919 1925
L'Esquella de la Torratxa Spain Barcelona 1890 1939 spin-off of La Campana de Gràcia[4]
Eulenspiegel Germany/East Germany Berlin 1954 ongoing the only satire magazine of East Germany
Faking News India Delhi 2008 2020
Feral Tribune Croatia Split 1984 2008 published from 1984 until 1993 as a weekly supplement in Nedjeljna Dalmacija, published from 1993 until 2008 as an independent weekly magazine
Fliegende Blätter Germany Munich 1845 1944
Frank Canada Halifax 1987 2008
Frigidaire Italy Giano dell'Umbria 1980 2008
Fun United Kingdom London 1861 1901
Gırgır Turkey Istanbul 1972 1989
Golden Words Canada Kingston 1967 ongoing Engineering newspaper of Queen's University
Grönköpings Veckoblad Sweden 1902 ongoing
La Grosse Bertha France 1991 1993
Der Groyser Kundes United States New York 1909 1927
Guerin Meschino Italy Milan 1882 1950
Hackberg Post Germany Passau 2016 ongoing German-English online-publication from 2016 until 2017, from 2018 onwards only German edition in printed form
Hamburger Wespen Germany Hamburg 1862 1868
Hara-Kiri France Paris 1961 1985 reappeared briefly in 1993 and 2000. Additional weekly magazine published in 1969–1970.
Harvard Lampoon United States Cambridge 1876 ongoing
The Hoar United Kingdom Leamington Spa 2016 2017[5]
Hosteni Albania Tirana 1945 ongoing published monthly until 1991, quarterly onward
Hum® Argentina Buenos Aires 1978 1999
Humor Times United States Sacramento, CA 1991 ongoing Monthly, available in print and digital formats. Features editorial cartoons organized as a review of the news, humor columns and more.
The Inconsequential United Kingdom Northeastern England 2005 ongoing Originated from a one-issue pamphlet entitled The Shabby Hare. Published every two to three months up to 2015, then monthly thereafter.[6]
El Jueves Spain Barcelona 1977 ongoing
Karuzela Poland Łódź 1957 1992
Kikeriki Austria Vienna 1861 1933
Kladderadatsch Germany Berlin 1848 1944
Krokodil Soviet Union
Russian Federation (from 1991)
Moscow 1922 2004 from 2001 under the title Novyi Krokodil («Новый Крокодил»); the only satirical magazine in the world to be honoured with a musical composition: "5 Romances to the Words from the Crocodile Magazine" («5 романсов на слова из журнала „Крокодил“») by Dmitri Shostakovich (1965).
Il Lampione Grand Duchy of Tuscany/Italy Florence 1848 1877
The Legian Street Journal Indonesia Bali 2018 ongoing
LeMan Turkey Istanbul 1990 ongoing [7]
The Lemon Press United Kingdom York 2009 ongoing
Toons Mag Norway Drøbak 2009 ongoing
Penguen Turkey Istanbul 2002 2017
Pennsylvania Punch Bowl United States Philadelphia 1899 ongoing
La Lente Grand Duchy of Tuscany Florence 1856 1861
Leuchtkugeln Germany Munich 1848 1851
Emme Italy Rome 2007 2009
Il Male Italy Rome 1978 1982
Il Misfatto Italy Rome 2010 2013
Moskovskaya Komsomolka Russia Moscow 1999 2001
Mucha Poland Warsaw 1868 1952
Münchener Punsch Germany Munich 1848 1871
Nebelspalter Switzerland Zürich
Rorschach (from 1921)
Basel (from 1996)
Horn (from 1998)
1875 ongoing world's second oldest satirical magazine, after The Yale Record (1872–present)
proscribed in Nazi Germany
Neurococi Romania Oradea 2018 ongoing
NewsBiscuit United Kingdom 2006 ongoing founded by John O'Farrell (author)
Noseweek South Africa 1993 ongoing
The Onion United States Chicago 1988 2013 remains active online as a website
The Babylon Bee United States Jupiter, FL 2016 ongoing
'U Panarijdde Italy Taranto 1902 1953
Par Condicio Italy 2004 2005
Il Pasquino Kingdom of Sardinia/Italy Turin 1856 1930
Der Postillon Germany Fürth 2008 ongoing
Private Eye United Kingdom London 1961 ongoing
Przegięcie Pały Poland 1988 1989 founded by Krzysztof Skiba
associated with the Ruch Społeczeństwa Alternatywnego & Orange Alternative movements
Punch United Kingdom London 1841 2002
The Realist United States New York City 1958 2001
Różowe Domino Poland
(under Austrian partition)
(now Lviv)
1882 1890 whole print runs frequently confiscated by the censorship of Austria-Hungary; the title translates as "Pink Domino".
Simplicissimus Germany Munich 1896 1944
Siné Mensuel France Paris 2011 ongoing succeeded to the weekly magazine Siné Hebdo published from 2008 to 2010
Spy United States 1986 1998
Lo Stenterello Grand Duchy of Tuscany Florence 1848 1849
Süddeutscher Postillon Germany Munich 1882 1910
Svikmøllen Denmark 1915 ongoing
Szpilki Poland Warsaw
(Łódź 1945–1947)
1935 1994 founded by Eryk Lipiński & Zbigniew Mitzner; publication suspended during the Second World War between September 1939 and March 1945, and again for a few months during the dictatorship of General Jaruzelski
The Phoenix Ireland Dublin 1983 ongoing
Tango Italy Rome 1986 1988
Teacher's Diary United Kingdom London 2004 2004 a brief Private Eye spin-off
Tawfiq Iran Teheran 1922 1971
La Traca Spain Valencia 1884 1939 Got several interrumptions, revived between 1995 and 2010.
Ulenspiegel Germany Berlin 1945 1950
Ulk Germany Hamburg 1872 1933
Titanic Germany Frankfurt 1979 ongoing
Il Vernacoliere Italy Livorno 1982 ongoing
La voce della fogna Italy 1974 1983
Der Wahre Jacob Germany Stuttgart 1879 1933
Watzmann Austria 1982 1985
Weekly World News United States 1979 2007
Wiadomości Brukowe Poland
(under Russian partition)
(now Vilnius)
1816 1822 closed by the censorship of the Russian Empire; continued surreptitiously as Bałamut until 1836; the oldest satirical magazine in the world; the title Wiadomości Brukowe translates as "Gutter-rag News".
The Yale Record United States New Haven 1872 ongoing
Eine Zeitung Germany Bremen 2005 ongoing
100Most Hong Kong Hong Kong 2013 ongoing
The Medium (Rutgers) United States New Brunswick 1970 ongoing
El Chigüire Bipolar Venezuela Caracas 2008 ongoing
The Oxymoron United Kingdom Oxford 2007 ongoing A student-run satire magazine at the University of Oxford; printed three times a year and published online
The Toon Lampoon United Kingdom Newcastle upon Tyne 2020 ongoing A student run satire publication at the Newcastle University

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