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Digital heritage is the use of digital media in the service of preserving cultural or natural heritage.[1][2][3]

The Charter on the Preservation of Digital Heritage of UNESCO defines digital heritage as embracing "cultural, educational, scientific and administrative resources, as well as technical, legal, medical and other kinds of information created digitally, or converted into digital form from existing analogue resources".[4]

The digitalisation of cultural heritage serves to enable the permanent access to art work ranging from literature to paintings. The main idea is the transformation of a material object into a virtual copy creating positive and negative implications.There has been several debates concerning the efficiency of the process of digitising heritage. Some of the drawbacks refer to the deterioration and technological obsolescence due to the lack of founding for archival materials and underdeveloped policies that would regulate such a process. Another main social debate, has taken place around the restricted accessibility due to the digital divide that exists around the world. Nevertheless, new technologies enable easy, instant and cross boarder access to the digitised work.

- Google created a project launched on February 1st 2011 called GOOGLE ART PROJECT which can be seen as an example of digitised cultural heritage.

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Virtual heritageEdit

A particular branch of digital heritage, known as "virtual heritage", is formed by the use of information technology with the aim of recreating the experience of existing cultural heritage, as in (approximations of) virtual reality.[5]


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