Dick Griffin

James Richard Griffin (born January 28, 1940 in Jackson, Mississippi) is an American jazz trombonist known for his work on Strata-East Records, and with Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

As a child he studied piano, soon switching to trombone.[1][2]

After earning his bachelor's degree in 1963, Griffin began teaching high school while working on his Master's. Griffin is most known for his technique of circular phonics, combining multiphonics with circular breathing. He taught music theory and the history of jazz at Wesleyan University. Later in life, Griffin became an accomplished painter, with showings in New York City and Europe.[3]

A 1995 CD release, The Eighth Wonder & More (Konnex Records) features that album as well as most of the Now is the Time album.[4]


As leaderEdit

  • The Eighth Wonder (Strata-East, 1974)
  • Now Is the Time (Trident, 1979)
  • A Dream for Rahsaan (Ruby, 1985)
  • A Dream for Rahsaan and More (Ruby, 1985)
  • Homage to Sun Ra (Ruby, 2014)

As sidemanEdit

With Abdullah Ibrahim

  • Ekaya (Ekapa 1983)
  • Water from an Ancient Well (BlackHawk, 1986)
  • The Mountain (Kaz, 1989)

With Roland Kirk

With others


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