Dewdrops Records

Dewdrops Records, an outgrowth of Dewdrops fanzine, was a record label active from 1993 until 2002. It was the joint project of Brant Nelson and Pat Mannion.

Their first, almost accidental, release was the Thurtene compilation which collected together various unsigned and obscure bands that had connections to the old 4AD label's discussion group. These bands provided cover versions of songs from the 4AD catalog, including such acts as Cocteau Twins and The Pixies. Their unique personal renditions ranged from polished compositions to seemingly haphazard basement shenanigans. Other releases followed, featuring the bands Orange, Hover and Elysium, as well as two more compilations.

Splashed With Many a Speck (1997) was the label's proudest moment, a two full compact disc set of their favorite, mostly unsigned bands performing over 2 hours worth of "uncommon music that deserves to be heard." This compilation was notable in that it featured the exclusive United States-release of a Cocteau Twins track "Touch Upon Touch" that had previously only been included on a United Kingdom compilation called Volume 5.

The last release, in 2002, Half Gifts: A Tribute to the Cocteau Twins was a fitting thing to close with. They had come full circle from their Cocteau Twins-obsessed beginnings with the fanzine, to creating a record label that released one of their songs, to offering a well-balanced work celebrating the worldwide influence the Cocteaus continue to have.

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