Deposed Empress Wu

Deposed Empress Wu (吳廢后; 15th century – 1509) was a Chinese empress consort of the Ming dynasty, married to Zhu Jianshen, the Chenghua Emperor.

Empress Wu
Empress consort of the Ming dynasty
Tenure20 July 1464 – 1464
PredecessorEmpress Xiaozhuangrui
SuccessorEmpress Xiaozhenchun
Born15th century
Daxing County, Zhili (present-day Daxing District, Beijing)
Zhengde 4
Jinshan, Beijing
SpouseChenghua Emperor
ClanWu (吳)
FatherWu Jun (吳俊)

Empress Wu originated from the capital of Beijing. In 1464, she was selected to be the first consort of the newly crowned emperor and chosen to become his empress. Soon after the wedding, she became involved in a conflict with the emperor's favorite concubine, Consort Wan, and ordered her to be whipped for impertinence. However, Zhu sided with his favorite Consort Wan and had Empress Wu demoted and stripped from her title and position.[1] All this occurred one month after the wedding.

The former Empress Wu lived the rest of her life in obscurity in the garden of the Forbidden City. She still had influence in the palace life. From 1470 until 1475, she cooperated with a group of loyal courtiers to hide concubine Consort Ji and her son, the future Hongzhi Emperor, in her room to protect them from Consort Wan.[2]

Lady Wu's funeral was treated as that of a consort, and she was not awarded with a posthumous name. Initially, Lady Wu was to be cremated following the funeral rites of an ordinary court lady.


  • During the reign of the Zhengtong Emperor (r. 1435–1449):
    • Lady Wu (吳氏)
  • During the reign of the Chenghua Emperor (r. 1464–1487)
    • Empress (皇后; from 20 July 1464)


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