Dentsu Isobar Inc. (電通アイソバー, Dentsu Isobar Inc.) is an interactive agency based in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. It was established in 2001.

Dentsu Isobar Inc.
Subsidiary, KK
IndustryInteractive Agency
FoundedApril 2, 2001
Key people
Hidetoshi Tokumaru, President & CEO
Number of employees
(Dentsu Aegis Network)


Digital Palette Logo 2001-2007
Dentsu Avenue A Razorfish Logo 2007-2008
Dentsu Razorfish Logo 2008-2015
Dentsu ix Logo 2015

In April 2001, Digital Palette Inc. the predecessor of Dentsu Isobar established as a joint venture among Dentsu group, Fuji Xerox, Dai Nippon Printing, Toppan Printing and Kyodo Printing. Reo Watanabe became the first president and CEO. The company started offering integrated management service for digital communication contents.

The company began D-Pro(Digital Professional Service), the on-site stationed services including web production and on-demand printing and moved its head office to Tsukiji 5-6-10, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo in December 2002.[1] One year later, in March 2003, the company is certified as BS7799 (currently known as ISO/IEC27001) compliant, and with ISO14001 compliant in the March 2004. In April 2005, the company merged with R2 Innovation and opens the Kansai office. Later, it formed a business and capital alliance with uhero group in October 2005. and formed business alliance with Cyber Communications Inc in July 2006.[2]

In April 2005, the West Japan Office in Osaka was opened.

In January 2007, the company formed a business and capital alliance with Avenue A | Razorfish (currently known as Razorfish). This resulted in a name change from Digital Palette Inc., to Dentsu | Avenue A | Razorfish in February 2007.[3][4] Later in the year, the company strengthened capital ties with cyber communications inc in July and opens Tokyo Satellite Office in August.

In January 2008, Dentsu | Avenue A | Razorfish renamed to Dentsu Razorfish, and in the following year in November 2009, Hidetoshi Tokumaru became the President and CEO. The company integrated its Tokyo Satellite Office into the head office in August 2010.

In July 2015, Dentsu Digital Holdings Inc (DDH), a wholly owned subsidiary of Dentsu Inc., acquired the shares formerly held by Publicis Groupe, and the company became a wholly owned subsidiary of DDH and rebranded as "Dentsu iX Inc."

After only 6 months under the new brand, the company announced a merger with Isobar Japan, and on January 1, 2016, the merger took place and the new company rebranded as Dentsu Isobar. Today, the company retains former Dentsu iX's office in Tsukiji (Tsukiji Shochiku Building, 1-13-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045) as well as former Isobar Japan's office in Hamarikyu (Hamarikyu Park Side Place 14F, 5-6-10 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045), and the West Japan Office in Osaka (Osaka Nakanoshima Building, 2-2-2 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 530-0005). As part of Isobar, Dentsu Isobar is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network. The current CEO and President of Dentsu Isobar is Hidetoshi Tokumaru.


The company offers "one-stop business solutions" including strategic planning, web production, creative planning, system development, and consulting services utilising digital technologies and consolidated marketing solutions in owned, paid and earned media.


Dentsu Isobar collaborates with Dentsu Aegis Network's subsidiaries in Japan as well as well as overseas, and also benefits from Isobar's vast global network, which includes over 70 locations across 44 markets.


The company claimed expertise is in digital and social media in particular, Facebook marketing in Japan. As part of the Dentsu Group, the company has strong ties with Dentu's Business Intelligence Solutions Division.[5]

Partnership CertificationsEdit

Facebook Marketing Partner
On February 18 (February 17 EST), Facebook introduced the “Facebook Marketing Partners” program. Partners were selected and awarded certificates according to 9 different specialist categories, based on excellence and innovation in each field, and a proven track record for achieving marketing goals. Dentsu Isobar was selected as a Facebook Marketing Partner under their “Community Management” category, as a company with the ability to effectively manage Facebook pages and communities.

LINE Official Partner of “LINE Business Connect”
Dentsu Isobar was selected as official partner to LINE Business Connect, for its optimised solutions catering to the service. Through this partnership, Dentsu Isobar was able to develop new messaging functionality via an API that allows brands to use LINE as a basis for their own CRM infrastructures , streamlining production on the brand side, and improving response times.

Google+ Partner of Third Party Management Tools for Google+ Pages
Google+ only provides access to Google+ page administrative rights to select third parties. Dentsu Isobar is one of few development partners to have been selected. This enables Dentsu Isobar to develop original solutions in conjunction with Google+.


An independently developed solution that capitalises on our vast experience in promotional marketing[citation needed] and unleashes the full potential of LINE Business Connect.[citation needed]

“TONARIWA” is a management tool that draws on the know-how gathered from extensive experience working on over 100 promotions a year. Consulting with various clients, as to how best to maximise the effect of their public LINE accounts. The management tool can be adapted to the various needs of LINE Business Connect, from campaigns to customer relationship management.[6][7]

Tsukiji Shochiku BuildingEdit

One of The Tokyo office is located on the 4th floor of the Tsukiji Shochiku Building, located between Tsukiji and Higashi Ginza.


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