Densu River

The Densu River is a 116 km long river in Ghana rising in the Atewa Range.[2] It flows through an economically important agricultural region, supplies half the drinking water to Ghana's capital city of Accra, and ends in an ecologically significant wetlands[3] at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.[4] The Densuano[5] Dam and Weija Dam[6] are situated on the Densu River.

Densu River
Densu River 5.jpg
The estuary of Densu River
Densu meander.JPG
Densu River Meander
Densuano Dam.jpg
Densuano Dam
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Physical characteristics
MouthAtlantic Ocean
 • coordinates
5°31′0″N 0°19′0″W / 5.51667°N 0.31667°W / 5.51667; -0.31667Coordinates: 5°31′0″N 0°19′0″W / 5.51667°N 0.31667°W / 5.51667; -0.31667
Length116 km (72 mi)
Basin size2,490 km2 (960 sq mi)
 • locationMouth
Official nameDensu Delta Ramsar Site
Designated14 August 1992
Reference no.564[1]

Densu BasinEdit

The population density of the Densu Basin is approximately 240 persons per square kilometer.[7]

In popular cultureEdit

  • Ghanaian artist Kojo Antwi named his second studio album, released in 2002, after the river.[8]
  • Osibisa, an Afrobeat band, composed a song titled Densu, explaining about the different varieties of fishes and the song the fishermen sing.[9]


Part of the Densu River has become a dumping site by some residents in the area, aside dumping of refuse which is causing water pollution, farmers also farm close to the river, there other activities such as sand winning and quarrying activities around[10][11][12]


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