Demirkazık Peak

Demirkazık Peak (Turkish: Demirkazık Dağı) is a summit in Aladağlar a portion of Toros Mountains, Turkey. (Demirkazık, literally "iron post" is the name of several summits in Turkey) Administratively, it is a part of Çamardı ilçe (district) of Niğde Province at 37°47′47″N 35°09′20″E / 37.79639°N 35.15556°E / 37.79639; 35.15556. Turkish Geography Atlas gives its altitude as 3,756 metres (12,323 ft). [1] Being a conical mountain, it is a famous peak among the mountaineers. However, it may not be the highest point of the mountain range.

Demirkazık Peak
Demirkazik Crest of Aladag Mountains in Nigde Turkey.jpg
Demirkazık Peak
Highest point
Elevation3,756 m (12,323 ft)
Coordinates37°47′47″N 35°09′20″E / 37.7964°N 35.1556°E / 37.7964; 35.1556Coordinates: 37°47′47″N 35°09′20″E / 37.7964°N 35.1556°E / 37.7964; 35.1556
Demirkazık Peak is located in Turkey
Demirkazık Peak
Demirkazık Peak
Niğde Province, Turkey
Parent rangeToros Mountains

First successful climbing to the summit was by Georg Künne, Wilhelm Martin, his wife Marianne, Veli Çavuş and their quide Yunus in July 1927.[2]


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