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Map of northern coast of today's Georgetown Guyana in 1823, showing the plantations as neat narrow strips perpendicular to the coast
Map of Demerara-Essequibo following the slave rebellion in 1823, showing the disposition of plantations, Small crosses mark the places where slaves' heads or bodies were displayed

The colony of Demerara-Essequibo was created on 13 August 1814 when the British combined the colonies of Demerara and Essequibo. On 20 November 1815 the colony was formally ceded to Britain by the Netherlands.

The colony continued to use Dutch denominations of currency even though under British control. The issued coins ranging from 3 bits up to 3 Guilder. These coins were minted with the colonies name on it, and were minted from 1809 to 1835.

On 18 August 1823, there was a slave rebellion involving more than 10,000 slaves, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of slaves.

On 21 July 1831 Demerara-Esequibo united with Berbice as British Guiana.



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Coordinates: 6°48′44″N 58°10′12″W / 6.8121°N 58.1701°W / 6.8121; -58.1701