Degema, Nigeria

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Degema is a Local Government Area in Rivers State, Nigeria. Its headquarters are in the town of Degema.

LGA and town
Degema is located in Nigeria
Degema is located in Africa
Coordinates: 4°34′27″N 6°56′17″E / 4.57417°N 6.93806°E / 4.57417; 6.93806Coordinates: 4°34′27″N 6°56′17″E / 4.57417°N 6.93806°E / 4.57417; 6.93806
Country Nigeria
StateRivers State
Date created27 May 1967
 • Local Government ChairmanMichael J. Williams (PDP)
 • Deputy Local Government ChairmanMaureen Harry (PDP)
 • Local Government CouncilWard 1: Alex Greenish Banigo (PDP)
Ward 2: Tombodia-a Alaliye T. (PDP)
Ward 3: Iboroma Uriah Lawrence (PDP)
Ward 4: Sherry Braide (PDP)
Ward 5: Tombo Dohubo Benjamin (PDP)
Ward 6: Elis Da-Ombu Faith (PDP)
Ward 7: Alapuye Duke (PDP)
Ward 8: Johnson E. Johnson (PDP)
Ward 9: Agborubere Ngokombo B. (PDP)
Ward 10; Patience Ikiroma-Owiye (PDP)
Ward 11: Ideresin Garrick (PDP)
Ward 12: Sweiyi Moses Benneth (PDP)
Ward 13: Iwayivi Dede Solomon (PDP)
Ward 14: Tamunoemi O. Harry (PDP)
Ward 15: Lugard Cousin Daminabo (PDP)
Ward 16: Elvis Osima Gogo (PDP)
Ward 17: Mrs. Mfraka Benebo Omoni (PDP)
 • Land390 sq mi (1,011 km2)
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Degema is situated in Rivers state in the South-South geo-political zone of Nigeria and has its headquarters in the town of Degema. The population of Degema local government area is estimated at 138,941 inhabitants with the majority of the people residing there being members of the Degema and Ijaw tribal divisions. The Ijaw and Degema dialects are widely spoken in the area while Christianity is the common religion practiced in the area. Degema is home to a number of festivals which include the Agiri and Igugule festivals while the popular landmarks in the area include the Degema General Hospital.[1]It has an area of 1,011 km2 and a population of 249,773 at the 2006 census.

The postal code of the area is 504.[2]

List of communities and towns in Degema LGAEdit

The towns and villages that make up Degema LGA includes Degema, Bakana, Usokun-Degema, Ogurama, Tombia, Ke, Bille, Obuama and Bukuma.


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