Deep Garden[1][2][3] is a 1987 Taiwanese mystery TV drama series based on romance novelist Chiung Yao's 1969 novel. The series was produced by Chiung Yao's husband Ping Hsin-tao and first shown on Chinese Television System. The title is taken from an 11th-century poem by Ouyang Xiu, which happens to be the favorite line of the mysterious female protagonist.

Deep Garden
DVD cover
Also known asDeep Courtyard
Simplified Chinese
Hanyu PinyinTíng Yuàn Shēn Shēn
Created byChiung Yao
Screenplay byLin Chiu-yu
Directed byLiu Li-li
Country of originTaiwan
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes40
ProducerPing Hsin-tao
Running time45 minutes
Original release
NetworkChinese Television System
ReleaseMay 4, 1987 (1987-05-04) –

This series was one of the biggest hits in 1980s Taiwan. In Hong Kong it was broadcast on Asia Television. In Singapore it was shown on Singapore Broadcasting Corporation. In Vietnam it was shown as Xóm vắng ("Deserted Hamlet").

Cast edit

  • Leanne Liu as Fang Ssu-ying (real identity: Chang Han-yen), Ting-ting's mother
  • Chin Han as Po Pei-wen
  • Ku Yin as Ou Ai-ling, Po Pei-wen's wife
  • Yu Chen-hua as Ting-ting, Po Pei-wen's daughter
  • Chao Yung-hsin as Yu Tsui-shan
  • Lee Li-feng as Po Pei-wen's mother
  • Lee Tien-chu as Ou Kuan-chung, Ou Ai-ling's brother
  • Sun Shu-fen as Ya-chu
  • Hsu Wen-chuan as Mr. You
  • Chang Pao-shan as Mr. Chang
  • Wang Li as Tsai-feng
  • Lin Tzay-peir as Chien Fei-fan (real identity: Po Pei-te), Po Pei-wen's half-brother
  • Wen Chieh as Chien Meng-ko
  • Hsu Nai-lin as Cheng Ya-li
  • Chu Huei-chen as Yeh Shuang
  • Fan Hung-hsuan as Kao Li-te
  • Sung Yi-fang as Lee Yu-sheng
  • Jin Chao-chun as Po Yun-sheng, Po Pei-wen's father (flashback)
  • Liu Fang-ying as Chu Chiu-ho, Chien Fei-fan's mother (flashback)
  • Feng Hai as Chien Ming-yuan, Chien Fei-fan's adoptive father (flashback)
  • Lee Yu-lin as Hsia Yun-lung (flashback)
  • Yu Heng as Hsia Chin-hui, Hsia Yun-lung's father (flashback)
  • Ma Huei-chen as Lee Chun-man, Hsia Yun-lung's mother (flashback)
  • Ma Wei-hsun as Tsai Chin-hua (flashback)
  • Yang Wen-yu as Yen Li-li (flashback)

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References edit

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