Liu Sue-Hua, also known as Leanne Liu, is a Golden Bell Award-winning Hong Kong actress.

Leanne Liu Hsueh-hua
Born (1959-11-12) 12 November 1959 (age 64)
Other namesLau Suet Wah
Years active1978-present
(m. 1999; died 2011)
AwardsGolden Bell AwardsBest Actress in a TV Series
1992 Bedside Love Story: Love in the Wind

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

She first starred in Shaw Brothers films in Hong Kong, but moved to Taiwan in the 1980s to focus on her television career. She is particularly famous for appearing in many television adaptations of Chiung Yao's novels. She is still active in Mainland Chinese series and is one of the highest paid television actresses there.[1]

Filmography edit

Films edit

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1978 Young and Lovable 情不自禁
1979 Affairs 冤家
1979 The Almighty Extra 通天臨記
1980 Innocence 情劫
1980 White Hair Devil Lady 白髮魔女傳
1982 Hell Has No Boundary 魔界
1983 Hong Kong Playboys 花心大少
1983 The Lady Assassin 清宮啟示錄
1983 Little Dragon Maiden 楊過與小龍女 Huang Rong
1983 Bastard Swordsman 天蠶變
1983 Holy Flame of the Martial World 武林聖火令
1983 Usurpers of Emperor's Power 封神劫
1984 The Little Cute Fellow 男女方程式
1984 Return of the Bastard Swordsman 布衣神相
1984 Opium and the Kung-Fu Master 洪拳大師 Xiao Cui
1984 The Hidden Power of the Dragon Sabre 魔殿屠龍 Zhou Zhiruo
1985 My Mind, Your Body 錯體人

Television edit

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1981 The Three Musketeers 妙手神偷
1983 The Smiling, Proud Wanderer 笑傲江湖 Ren Yingying
1984 Young Empress Dowager 少女慈禧 Empress Dowager Cixi
1986 Lovers Under the Rain 煙雨濛濛 Lu Yi-ping
1986 Many Enchanting Nights 幾度夕陽紅 Li Meng Chu
1988 One Side of the Water 在水一方 Tu Hsiao-shuang
1991 Bedside Love Story: Love in the Wind 床邊愛情故事:風裡的愛 Yu Nina WonGolden Bell Award for Best Actress in a TV Series
1992 The Book and the Sword 書劍恩仇錄 Huoqingtong
Green Green Grass By The River 青青河边草 Zhu Shulan
1993 Justice Pao 包青天 Qin Xianglian & Huo Qiuniang
1994 Heavenly Ghost Catcher 2 天師鍾馗II
1995 Princess Moon 新月格格 Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang
1998 Thunderstorm Rider 霹靂菩薩
1999 Hero of the Times 新方世玉 Miao Cuihua
2000 Princess Jade 懷玉公主 Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang
2000 State of Divinity 笑傲江湖 Dongfang Bubai
2003 The Pawnshop No. 8 第8號當舖
2005 The Palm of Ru Lai 新如来神掌
2006 Emerald on the Roof 屋頂上的綠寶石
2008 Romantic Red Rouge 胭脂雪
2007 Pearl Love 還君明珠
2011 Qin Xianglian 秦香莲 Chen Shimei's mother
2011 Palace 宮鎖心玉 Consort De
2011 New My Fair Princess 新環珠格格 Empress Xiaoshengxian
2012 The Legend of Zhen Huan 後宮甄嬛傳 Empress Dowager Renshou
2012 Palace II 宮鎖珠簾 Consort De
2013 Legend of Lu Zhen 陆贞传奇 Luo Zhaojun
2016 The Princess Weiyoung 锦绣未央 Feng Xin'er's grandmother

References edit

  1. ^ Ma Fenglian (马凤莲) (14 May 2009). 刘雪华身价12万元一集 堪比内地一线女星 [Leanne Liu worth ¥120,000 per episode, comparable to Mainland A-listers]. Dongfang Daily (in Chinese). Retrieved 27 April 2012.

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