Deathstalker (novel)

Deathstalker is a science fiction novel by British author Simon R. Green. The second[1] in a series of nine novels, Deathstalker is part homage to - and part parody of - the classic space operas of the 1950s, and deals with the timeless themes of honour, love, courage and betrayal.

Deathstalker Cover UK.jpg
Cover of the 1995 first edition UK paperback release of Deathstalker
AuthorSimon R. Green
Cover artistUK: Harvey Parker
USA: Donato Giancola
CountryUK/USA simultaneous release
GenreScience fiction
PublisherUK: Gollancz
USA: Penguin/Roc
Publication date
1995 (1st edition)
Media typePrint (paperback)
PagesUK: 571
USA: 523
ISBN0-575-05730-0 (UK)
ISBN 0-451-45435-9 (USA)
Preceded byDeathstalker Prelude 
Followed byDeathstalker Rebellion 

Plot introductionEdit

Set in a far-future fictional universe, Deathstalker follows the life of Owen Deathstalker, a minor aristocrat and historian, as he is catapulted from a life of quiet luxury and academic pursuit into a galaxy-wide rebellion against the empire in which he lives.

Sources, references, external links, footnotesEdit

  1. ^ The first novel of the series, Deathstalker Prelude, is an anthology of three novellas that were originally published separately prior to Deathstalker's publication.