Dead Space: Aftermath

Dead Space: Aftermath is an American animated science fiction horror film that bridges the storyline between Dead Space and Dead Space 2.[2][3][4]

Dead Space: Aftermath
Dead Space Aftermath poster.jpg
DVD cover art
Directed byMike Disa
Produced byJoe Goyette
Ellen Goldsmith-Vein
Written byBrandon Auman
Mike Disa
Chuck Beaver
Joe Goyette
Based onDead Space
by Electronic Arts
StarringGwendoline Yeo
Christopher Judge
Peter Woodward
Ricardo Chavira
Kari Wahlgren
Erin Fitzgerald
Curt Cornelius
Christine Lakin
Graham McTavish
Jesse Head
Kim Mai Guest
Charlotte Cornwell
Music byChristopher Tin, Jason Graves
Edited bySteven Fahey
Distributed byAnchor Bay Entertainment
Release date
  • January 25, 2011 (2011-01-25)
Running time
90 minutes
CountryUnited States


When contact with the USG Ishimura and the Aegis VII colony is lost, the Concordance Extraction Corporation sends the ship USG O'Bannon to investigate, but contact is lost with them as well. The Marine battleship Abraxis is sent next. Despite the carnage of Dead Space, four survivors are found: Nicholas Kuttner, a security officer; Alejandro Borgas, an engineer; Nolan Stross, chief science officer; and Isabella Cho, chief medical officer. The survivors are imprisoned in a holding cell while the ship is en route to the Sprawl, a station built on a shard of Titan. The head interrogator is told by the Overseer he has seven hours to get information from the survivors.

Kuttner is interrogated first and gives his account of the events: he, Cho, Borgas, and Stross are assigned by the O'Bannon's commanding officer to stabilize the gravity on Aegis VII. Assisting are soldiers Rin and Sergenko, along with two additional engineers, Borgas' cousins Noah and Omar, a Unitologist. Campbell secretly tasks Kuttner's crew to bring back pieces of the Marker, which are worth millions of credits per kilo. The group land on Aegis VII, which is now unstable. While the engineers work the gravity stabilizer, Kuttner's crew separate. Kuttner finds a Marker shard, which causes a horrifying hallucination, making him murderously unstable. He damages the stabilizer before his teammates can tie him up in the shuttle. After finishing his interrogation Kuttner is able to escape and follows a phantom of Vivian out of an airlock, killing himself and several marines.

Borgas is next to be interrogated and gives his account: the attempted gravity stabilization fails and the group is forced to make a hasty escape. Rin, Sergenko and Omar were killed but the rest managed to make it aboard the shuttle and escape the planet just in time. Borgas is forced to crash land the shuttle onto the O'Bannon. Aegis VII explodes seconds before the ship can jump out of the system. The debris causes severe damage to the ShockPoint Drive. Borgas, enraged by his cousin's death, demands to know the importance of the shard. When the captain explains the shard's monetary value, Borgas assaults him. After Cho calms him down, he follows the captain's order to fix the drive. The interrogators determine Borgas did not come in contact with the shard and due to him knowing too much he is executed by the Marines. Stross is brought in next.

Stross' duties as chief science officer are putting a strain on his relationship with his wife Alexis and infant son, causing Alexis to suspect Nolan and Isabel are having an affair; this is true. After escaping Aegis VII, Stross begins to closely study the shard that Kuttner had collected. He unfortunately falls victim to the shard, causing him to obsess over it; to this end, he learns it can create Necromorphs, believing to have been designed by a higher power. Unfortunately, when he proves this, it causes an outbreak. Stross attempts to return to his quarters to protect his family but hallucinates that they are necromorphs and brutally murders them. The interrogators determine Stross to be of value and keep him for further study.

Finally, Cho is interrogated and reveals the finale of the events: just after the outbreak she and several other doctors arrived at the morgue. They find the bodies gone and several doctors killed. One of the bodies turns into a Necromorph, causing the group to flee. She releases Kuttner, who kills the Necromorph. They eventually meet up with Captain Campbell, who is fighting the Necromorphs with the security team including First Officer Leslie Pallas. As the group flees into the vents Leslie is caught by a Necromorph and killed. They make it to Stross' lab, where they meet with Borgas, and two officers from the bridge, Lieutenant Marcus and Lana. Stross explains that destroying the shard could stop the Necromorphs. Borgas says that throwing it into the portal drive could not only destroy it, but restart the drive. With weapons made by Borgas, they head to engineering. Lana is surprised to see that her roommate Jenny is still alive, however when she gets close enough against Isabel's warnings she sees she is a Necromorph. The Necromorph spits acid into Lana's face melting all the skin off her face. Lana begins screaming having survived the attack when she and the Necromorph are killed in a grenade blast. Debris from the planet causes a hull breach, damaging the outer door control for engineering. Lieutenant Marcus is almost saved by Kuttner but a Necromorph grabs him causing him to lose his grip and be blown out into space. Captain Campbell sacrifices himself to seal the door manually. The four survivors battle the Necromorphs to get to the portal drive. When Stross refuses to throw the shard into the drive, Cho does it. The drive's energy destroys the shard. The feedback from the destroyed shard causes all the Necromorphs to liquefy.

After giving her account, Cho is informed that the Abraxis has reached the Sprawl. Cho surmises that her superiors are aware of the effects of the Marker and are using those exposed as human guinea pigs. The Overseer accompanies Cho to the Sprawl and has the interrogator and his assistant killed. The Overseer offers Cho a position as head of the project, but Cho refuses after seeing what her superiors have done. She is lobotomised.

The Overseer and his assistant watch a news report where Cho is accused of being a terrorist responsible for the Ishimura, Aegis VII colony, and O'Bannon disasters. They then discuss studying Stross, highlighting their luck in finding two people who have come into contact with the Marker. They proceed to store him in the lab where, in the slot next to him, is the other person - the crazed engineer that they found floating in a shuttle weeks ago who was responsible for destroying Aegis VII. The name of the engineer, Isaac Clarke, is then seen on a holographic monitor, marking the beginning of Dead Space 2.

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The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray on January 25, 2011, alongside Dead Space 2.


Rotten Tomatoes lists 1 positive and 1 negative review for the film.[5]


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