Dead Man's Shoes (The Twilight Zone)

"Dead Man's Shoes" is episode 83 of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. It originally aired on January 19, 1962 on CBS.

"Dead Man's Shoes"
The Twilight Zone episode
Episode no.Season 3
Episode 18
Directed byMontgomery Pittman
Written byCharles Beaumont
Produced byBuck Houghton
Featured musicStock from "The Fever"
Production code4824
Original air dateJanuary 19, 1962
Guest appearance(s)
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"One More Pallbearer"
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"The Hunt"
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Opening narrationEdit

Nathan Edward Bledsoe, of the Bowery Bledsoes, a man once, a specter now. One of those myriad modern-day ghosts that haunt the reeking nights of the city in search of a flop, a handout, a glass of forgetfulness. Nate doesn't know it but his search is about to end, because those shiny new shoes are going to carry him right into the capital of the Twilight Zone.


A homeless man, Nate Bledsoe, snatches a pair of shoes from Dane, the target of a mob hit dumped in an alley. Two of his homeless associates try to con him out of the plainly expensive shoes, to no avail. Wearing the shoes infuses him with the personality and memories of the victim; and he continues his life as Dane. Nate stops by the home of the victim’s girlfriend, who recognizes his manner and kisses him. Nate then goes to a bar to confront Dagget, the boss who had him killed. Dagget is at first unsettled, but then realizes who Nate is and has him gunned down. Before he dies, he promises, "I'll be back, Bernie, and I'll keep coming back… again, and again." The body (with shoes) is dumped in the same place as the original victim. One of Nate's acquaintances from earlier finds his corpse, takes the shoes, and puts them on and the cycle begins anew.

Closing narrationEdit

There's an old saying that goes, 'If the shoe fits, wear it.' But be careful. If you happen to find a pair of size nine black and gray loafers, made to order in the old country, be very careful. You might walk right into the Twilight Zone.



The episode was remade in the 1985 revival as "Dead Woman's Shoes" and in the 2002 revival as "Dead Man's Eyes". This makes it the only original episode to be remade in two of the revival series.


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