Daw (surname)

Daw is a surname. It may refer to:


  • Anne Daw, South Australian campaigner for the protection of water resources and arable land from invasive mining activities
  • Carl P. Daw Jr. (born 1944), American religious leader
  • Chris Daw (born 1970), Canadian Paralympian in multiple sports
  • Evelyn Daw (actress) (1912-1970), American actress and singer
  • Jeff Daw (born 1972), Canadian hockey player
  • John Daw (1870–1965), American Navajo military scout
  • Kinkar Daw (born 1940), Indian cricketer
  • Leila Daw (born 1940), American artist
  • Majak Daw (born 1991), Australian footballer
  • Marjorie Daw (actress), stage name of American silent film actress Margaret House (1902–1979)

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