David Lochary

David Crawford Lochary (August 21, 1944 – July 29, 1977) was an American actor, one of the regular "Dreamlander" actors in early films of the controversial "trash" film director John Waters.[1] He starred in such films as Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, and Multiple Maniacs, in which he typically played exotically-dressed, sophisticated perverts. Lochary co-wrote The Diane Linkletter Story with Divine, and worked as an uncredited hair and makeup artist on many of Waters' films. Lochary met Divine at beauty school and used to style his wigs and makeup for parties. Divine later commented that he had "never even heard the word 'drag' before David."

David Lochary
David Crawford Lochary

(1944-08-21)August 21, 1944
DiedJuly 29, 1977(1977-07-29) (aged 32)
Years active1966–1974

Personal lifeEdit

Lochary was the son of Dean and Mary Eileen (nee McMahan) Lochary; his mother Mary was featured on two of Waters' films: "Multiple Maniacs" and "Female Trouble". Donald Lochary, David's elder brother, died in July 2019; he also played a small, uncredited role on Female Trouble.[2][3]

Lochary was gay; in the 70s, he dated singer John Condon.[4]

According to Robert Maier, Lochary moved from Baltimore to New York in the 70s in order to become more famous. After failing to become commercially successful, he then started to struggle with addiction; by the time of his death, he was "far gone on substances".[5]

Lochary has developed a cult following throughout the years, including fan-clubs.[6]

In 1977, Lochary died while intoxicated on PCP.[1][7] Under said influence, he felt no pain. So, he cut himself with a mirror and bled to death.



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