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Darsakudu (English: Film Director) is a 2017 Indian Telugu film written and directed by Jakka Hari Prasad.[1] Produced by BNCSP Vijaya Kumar, Thomas Reddy Aduri and Ravi Chandra Satti, it features Ashok Bandreddi, Noel Sean, Eesha Rebba and Pujita Ponnada in the lead roles. The music was composed by Sai Karthik while cinematography was handled by Praveen Anumolu.[2]

Directed byJakka Hari Prasad
Produced byBNCSP Vijaya Kumar
Thomas Reddy Aduri
Ravi Chandra Satti
Written byJakka Hari Prasad
StarringAshok Bandreddi
Noel Sean
Eesha Rebba
Pujita Ponnada
Music bySai Karthik
CinematographyPraveen Anumolu
Release date
  • 4 August 2017 (2017-08-04) (India)
Running time
135 Minutes



The Film starts with Mahesh(Ashok bandreddi) Remembering his past in his favourate movie theatre which runs the movie called "Darsakudu" (director). Coming to his story Mahesh who is a director aspirant and a short film maker who believes that direction is nothing but 80% management and 20% creativity. From his childhood he is very passionate about film direction and he promises to his father that he will become a big film director. Then some how he managed to get a chance to direct his first film with Rakesh(Noel san) an upcoming hero with a star producer(kedar shanker) making a low budget film. But producer gives him a chance on one condition that if he cannot handle the project properly he want to give his story to him and he will give chance to his codirector. Then he has a perfect script with all elements in his story but he is not confident on love track. Then he returning to city from his hometown he accidentally meets his childhood friend Namrutha(Eesha Rebba) a fashion designer in a train then he wooes her successfully with the comical circumstances and finally she proposes to him. Then she observes him that he woos her because to fulfill his love track in his script then she broke up with him on the spot and tells him that he cannot understand her love because he is just a director not a lover. After that movie goes into sets in the press meet Mahesh introduces him as Anand it frustrates Namrata more and came to the sets to make quarrel with Mahesh. Meanwhile, Mahesh is not satisfied with the heroine's performance who recommended by the codirector. Then namrata came to quarrel with him along with her friend Shailu (pujitha ponnada) in the sets he offeres heroine's role to Shailu she happily accepts. Then Namrata eventually becomes fashion designer in the movie she does not have any interest to work with him but she works because to get a good opportunity in films. Then she observes sets and scenes she understands that Mahesh completely copied their encounters it frustrates her more. Then on Namrata's birthday she consumes alcohol first time and confess her feelings on him and says that she only loves him he is not loving her because he is just a director not a lover because of that he don't bother others feelings and copy it for his films. Then the next day morning codirector comes to visit his house and misunderstands them. Complaints it to producer then producer blames Mahesh that because him the film was going to be delayed he invested his properties on that film so he cannot take risks anymore and warns him to remove from the film showing any negligence on his part. Then to focus on the film Mahesh removes Namrata from the film. Then after knowing this namrata gets angry on this and quarrels again with Mahesh. Then in the shooting spot she met with an accident and severely injured. Even though Mahesh send her to hospital but not to change his mind and continues shooting. Then after completion of shooting producer asks add an item song in the film but Mahesh refuses to add then angered producer removes him from the film and give offer to the codirector but this time codirector supports Mahesh and denies his offer.

After Namrata discharge she meets Mahesh's friend and writer of his film. He says that he met Mahesh he said to him that he is a director he want to watch all the things on the director's point of view only. He loves Namrata a lot that's why he showed their romantic encounters as the film. Then Namrata realises his love and comes to visit him but he his no where. Meanwhile, press and media gives Darsakudu movie a good review and says in the movie they didn't mentioned the director's name. Then producer revils their discussion and why he removed his name. Then Namrata meets the producer and request to change the climax in his film to locate him soon. Through media he knows news and decided to watch his film in his favourate theatre. Then in the theatre plays Namrata's video to requesting him to comeback as a director she loves him always either he loves her or not. Then Namrata appear in front of him and proposes him again then suddenly she observes a dialogue recorder in his pocket and angrily hugs him.



Soundtrack album by
Released3rd July , 2017
LabelAditya Music
ProducerSai Karthik
Sai Karthik chronology
Maya Mall

The soundtrack of the film was composed by Sai Karthik[3] and Released by Aditya Music.

Track list
1."Aakasam Dinchi"Krishna KanthL. V. Revanth3:32
2."Sunday To Saturday"BalajiLakshmi Sruthi3:15
3."Thokkalo Screenplay"BalajiDhanunjay3:47
4."Nee Manasinthena"BalajiDinker kalvala, Saicharan Bhaskaruni3:38
5."Anaganaga Oka Roju"Jakka Hari PrasadAnurag Kulkarni3:03
6."Darshakudu (Theme Music)" (Instrumental)  1:03
Total length:18:18


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