The Darley Oak is a Pedunculate oak tree (Quercus robur) which grows near Darleyford on the edge of Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, England, UK. This ancient tree is thought to be at least 1,000 years old, and a considerable number of legends take it as their core. Folk tradition attributes healing properties to the tree, and it is said that any wish made to it will eventually come true. Its acorns are also used as amulets, and were once used by pregnant women during pregnancy, to bring them luck.[1] It was chosen one of the 50 Great British Trees by The Tree Council in 2002.[2]

Darley Oak
SpeciesEnglish oak (Quercus robur)
LocationDarley Ford, near Launceston, Cornwall, England
Coordinates50°32′02″N 4°26′02″W / 50.53396°N 4.43382°W / 50.53396; -4.43382Coordinates: 50°32′02″N 4°26′02″W / 50.53396°N 4.43382°W / 50.53396; -4.43382
Date seededOriginal - pre-1030 AD
CustodianPrivate ownership

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