Darin "Woody" Eblom is a game designer who has worked primarily on role-playing games.

Darin Eblom
OccupationGame designer


Darin "Woody" Eblom was one of the Minnesota locals who joined Lion Rampant after the company was started.[1]: 232  Eblom and John Nephew left Lion Rampant in 1990 when the company moved to Georgia as they did not want to leave Minnesota.[1]: 235  John Nephew founded Atlas Games with some help from other Lion Rampant alumni such as Nicole Lindroos and Eblom.[1]: 252  After the success of On the Edge (1994), Eblom became one of the new full-time employees of Atlas Games.[1]: 254  Eblom formed Tundra Sales, a sales and service organization for small press RPG publishers.[1]: 236 


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