Nicole Lindroos

Nicole Lindroos is a game designer who has worked primarily on role-playing games.

Nicole Lindroos
OccupationGame designer


After twice applying to culinary school, Nicole Lindroos entered the game industry in 1989.[1] Lindroos was one of the Minnesota locals who joined Lion Rampant after the company was started.[2]: 232  Lindroos joined White Wolf Publishing when the two companies merged in 1990.[2]: 216  In 1991, Lindroos left White Wolf and returned to Minnesota, where she went to work for Atlas Games,[2]: 217  formed by John Nephew with help from other Lion Rampant alumni such as Lindroos and Darin "Woody" Eblom.[2]: 252  Later, Lindroos played a sample copy of James Wallis's Once Upon a Time at Gen Con 24; it was subsequently published by Atlas Games,[2]: 304  and remained in print with Atlas through various editions.[3] Lindroos became a freelancer, writing an adventure for Jonathan Tweet's Everway,[4] and also co-founded Adventures Unlimited magazine (1995-1996), the first issue of which included adventures for games she had been involved with, including Ars Magica, Vampire: The Masquerade, and Over the Edge.[2]: 236  Lindroos and her husband Chris Pramas formed Green Ronin Publishing in 2000.[2]: 236, 370  By 2001, Pramas and Lindroos brought on the third member of the Green Ronin team, Hal Mangold.[2]: 370  When Green Ronin was incorporated as an LLC, Pramas, Lindroos, and Mangold came on as the three partners.[2]: 373 

Lindroos has volunteered on the board of directors of the Game Manufacturer's Association, the Origins Awards committee, and as the chairman of the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design.[1]

Lindroos lives in Seattle with her husband Chris and daughter Katherine.[1]


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