Danjin Beixin light rail station

Danjin Beixin station (淡金北新站) is a station of Danhai light rail, which is located at Tamsui District, New Taipei, Taiwan.[1]

Danjin Beixin

Danjin Beixin Station, Dec 2018.png
Other namesBeitouzi (北投子)
LocationTamsui, New Taipei
Operated by
Line(s)New Taipei Metro Line V.png Green Mountain line
Platforms2 side platforms
ConnectionsBus stop
Structure typeElevated
Other information
Station codeG03
Opened23 December 2018; 17 months ago (2018-12-23)
Preceding station New Taipei Metro Following station
Xinshi 1st Rd
towards Kanding
Danhai light rail Tamkang University
towards Hongshulin
Danjin Beixin light rail station
Traditional Chinese淡金北新站
Simplified Chinese淡金北新站

Station overviewEdit

The station building consists of three elevated floors and is constructed above Tamsui-Jinshan highway (淡金公路). It has two side platforms, and only one exit. As its name suggests, the station is located near the intersection of Danjin Rd. (Tamsui-Jinshan highway) and Beixin Rd. And the station was opened on December 23, 2018, when the Green Mountain Line begins operated.

Station designEdit

The station is an elevated station with two side platforms.

Station layoutEdit

2F Side platform, doors open on the right
Platform 2 Green Mountain line to Hongshulin (V04 Tamkang University)
Platform 1 Green Mountain line to Kanding (V06 Xinshi 1st Rd) →
Side platform, doors open on the right
Street level Entrance Elevator, escalator, stairs

Around the stationEdit


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