Danelectro is a brand of musical instruments and accessories, founded in New Jersey in 1947. The company is known primarily for its string instruments that employed unique designs and manufacturing processes. The Danelectro company was sold to the "Music Corporation of America" (MCA) in 1966, moving to a much larger plant in Neptune City, New Jersey, employing more than 500 people. Nevertheless, three years later Danelectro closed its plant.[1]

TypePrivate (1947–69)
Brand (1969–present)
IndustryMusical instruments
Founded1947; 74 years ago (1947)
Red Bank, New Jersey, U.S.
FounderNathan Daniel [1]
FateCompany defunct in 1969; brand acquired by MCA Inc.
ProductsElectric and resonator guitars, basses, electric sitars, amplifiers, pickups, effects units
OwnerEvets Corporation

In the late 1990s, the Evets Corporation started selling instruments and accessories under the Danelectro name. In 2016, Danelectro introduced new models, including a resonator guitar.[1]

Some of the products manufactured by Danelectro include electric and resonator guitars, basses, electric sitars, amplifiers, pickups, and effects units.[2]


Twin Twelve amplifier, c. 1953

Danelectro was founded by Nathan "Nat" Daniel in 1947. Throughout the late 1940s, the company produced amplifiers for Sears, Roebuck and Company and Montgomery Ward, branded Silvertone and Airline respectively.

Later, Danelectro added hollow-bodied guitars, constructed of Masonite and poplar to save costs and increase production speed, intending to produce no-frills guitars of reasonably good tone at low cost. These instruments were branded either as Danelectro or for Sears as Silvertone, distinguished by the Silvertone maroon vinyl covering, and the Danelectro light-colored tweed covering. The guitars used concentric stacked tone/volume knobs on the two-pickup models of both series and "lipstick-tube" pickups, which contained the pickup components inside metal tubes.

In 1956, Danelectro introduced the six-string bass guitar. Though the model never became popular, it found an enduring niche in Nashville and Los Angeles for "tic-tac" bass lines.

In 1966, Danelectro was sold to the "Music Corporation of America" (MCA). A year later, in 1967, they introduced the Coral line, known for its hollow-bodies and electric sitars.[vd 1][vg 1]

In 1969, Danelectro closed down, burdened by MCA's attempt to market Danelectros to small guitar shops rather than large department stores.

In the late 1990s, importer The Evets Corporation purchased the Danelectro brand name, marketing recreations of old Silvertone and Danelectro guitars, and newly designed effects pedals and small amplifiers made in China.[vg 2] After initially selling well, guitar sales slowed and Danelectro stopped selling guitars after 2001 (2004 on official site[3])[which?] to concentrate on effects pedals. In 2006 (2005 on official site[4]),[which?] new owners of Evets decided on a new marketing model for guitars, selling a limited number each year.[vg 3]



4623 Longhorn six-string bass guitar (1958);[vg 4] Coral Electric Sitar 3S19 [vd 1][vg 1] (a clone by Star's)[5]
'56-U1, '56-U2, Danoblaster Innuendo (2001–2003), Hodad (1999–2003)
'58 Longhorn Bass [reissue], Guitar/Mandolin (Guitarlin), '56-U2 Lefty, Baritone [reissue]
59-DC (1998–1999), DC-3 (1998–2003), DC-12 / 12-String (1999–2003)[F 1]or Double Cutaway 1959 Reissue 12-String (2010)[F 2] and Doubleneck baritone / 4-string bass [reissue]
U1 (1959), U2 (1956), Silvertone #1419L (1960), Dane A [F 3] or Hawk[F 4] 12-string guitar (played by Arto Lindsay)
Shorthorn 3021 (1959), 3022 (1962), Convertible [reissue], and Shorthorn Bass [reissue].
(Note: 3021 was also played by Jimmy Page)
Guitarlin (31-frets guitar a copy by Hondo), Long Horn #4623(6 stringbass/baritone), and Long Horn Four-String Bass [reissue], Long Horn Acoustic (21–frets, Danelectro version of "Coral Long Horn L2N6"

Coral original models (1967–1969)Edit

  • Coral Combo (1968–1969. round soundhole, hollow body single cutaway guitar with ASP (adjustable sound post). Single Pickup: V1N6, Dual Pickups: V2N6)[F 10] — titled "New Vincent Bell "Combo" Featuring ASP" on the catalog page[D 44][D 39]
  • Coral Electric Sitar 3S19 (1967–1969. regular 6-string + drone 13-string, Sitarmatic bridge, triple pickups)[F 10][D 33][vd 1][vg 1] featured Vincent Bell on the catalog page[D 38][D 41]
  • Coral Fiddle Bass FB2B4 (1968–1969. 4-string bass guitar, Höfner violin bass-style semi-hollow, two f-holes, bolt-on neck)[F 7][D 35][D 39][vg 4]
  • Coral Firefly (1967–1969. ES-335-style semi-hollow body guitar with two f-holes. F2N6: dual pickups, F2V6: dual pickups with vibrato bridge (1967) / Bigsby vibrato tailpiece (1968–1969))[F 10][D 43][D 31][D 45]
  • Coral Teardrop Guitar[D 35]

Effects pedalsEdit

Dan-Echo simulated tape echo, Cool Cat chorus, FAB Tone distortion, Daddy O. overdrive, Dan-O-Matic tuner
Chicken Salad Vibrato
Tuna Melt Tremolo
Pastrami Overdrive
French Toast Octave Distortion
PB&J Delay
Dan-O-Wah pedal, Sitar Swami, and Back Talk Reverse Delay.
Cool Cat Tremolo, Vibe (phaser), and Transparent Overdrive

Today, Danelectro primarily designs and imports effect pedals. They market eight pedals lines: original effects, FAB effects, mini effects, vintage effects, Wasabi effects, Paisley effects, Cool Cat effects and other miscellaneous effects. All run on 9 volt batteries or power adapters. The original effects featured metal enclosures and FET switching. Cool Cat models are the most recent pedals, designed with metal enclosures and true-bypass switching. Danelectro has begun rolling out Cool Cat V2 pedals, featuring extra 'under the hood' features. Mini effects pedals are smaller,[vg 6] compact pedals with effects resembling those of the original effects and the FAB effects. Vintage effects include the large, rectangular Spring King and Reel Echo effect pedals.[D 46] The discontinued Paisley series featured paisley-patterned drive effects in original style enclosures. The Wasabi series features large, futuristic-looking metal enclosures. FAB effects are the cheapest of the bunch, and feature plastic enclosures somewhat larger than the Mini effects series.

In 2006, Danelectro began selling a carrying case that holds up to five mini effects. When the player is ready to play, the top may be removed and the bottom acts as a pedals board. It has since been discontinued.[14] Not long after, another carrying case was developed to fit five FAB or Cool Cat pedals, as well as serve in the pedal board function as well.[D 47]

Despite the advantages of the mini effects, FAB effects are more common. The Mini effects are less expensive, but the plastic construction makes them fragile.

FAB effectsEdit

The FAB series of guitar effect pedals is a budget range of pedals made by the Danelectro company that are manufactured in China. The series was launched in 2005 with the release of the FAB Distortion, FAB Overdrive and the FAB Metal pedals.

Currently, eight pedals share the same distinctive injection moulded plastic casing and blue LED light. Each has a mains power DC9 socket, or can be powered by a 9 volt battery.

  • FAB Chorus
  • FAB Delay
  • FAB Distortion
  • FAB Echo
  • FAB Flanger
  • FAB Fuzz
  • FAB Metal
  • FAB Overdrive

See alsoEdit


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Catalog & Ads.

See also the catalog archives on: DanGuitars.com, VintAxe.com, MusicManSteve.com and VintageDanelectro.com. (Note: VinAxe.com needs authentication, and MusicManSteve.com needs donation via PayPal)

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