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Dancemania Speed is a sub-series of Toshiba EMI's Dancemania compilation series. This series features faster, further remixed versions of recordings from previously released Dancemania albums or faster remixed covers of various famous songs. Unlike the main series mostly consisting of Eurodance, this series largely consists of hardcore techno crews from the UK, the home of happy hardcore, and some Eurobeat Italians who are very much experienced in high BPM dance music..

Dancemania Speed



The first issue, titled Dancemania Speed, was released on 23 September 1998 with Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping" as its beginning track along with 24 other tracks[1] including Bellini's "Samba de Janeiro", Captain Jack's "Together & Forever", Me & My's "Dub-I-Dub", and E-Rotic's "Willy Use A Billy...Boy".[2] The second issue, Dancemania Speed 2, was released on 3 March 1999[3] with tracks including "My Heart Will Go On", "Jump", "Butterfly", "Captain Jack", "Turn Me On" and "Techno Wonderland".[4] The albums have appeared on the Oricon charts of best-selling albums since the first was released. Speed 1 reached number 8 in the weekly album chart in October 1998,[5] Speed 2 reached number 7 in the same chart in March 1999[6] and ranked number 72 in the yearly Top 100 best-selling album chart in 1999 with 322,860 copies sold.[7] Speed 3 reached number 5 in the weekly album chart in September 1999.[8] Several tracks from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 were later included on the 2000 greatest hits compilation Best 2001 Hyper Nonstop Megamix.[9]


Main seriesEdit

Title Date Tracks Ref
Dancemania Speed 23 September 1998
  1. Tubthumping (KCP Remix) by Chumbawamba
  2. Samba De Janeiro (KCP Remix) by Bellini
  3. Time After Time by Vinylgroover [10]
  4. The Key by Dougal & Mickey Skeedale
  5. Together & Forever (KCP Remix) by Captain Jack
  6. Get Up by DJ Kaos & Kevin Energy
  7. Shooting Star by Bang!
  8. Dub-I-Dub (KCP Remix) by Me & My
  9. Is Anybody Out There (Remix) by DJ Ham
  10. Freedom 2 Dance by Brisk & Vinylgroover
  11. Willy Use A Billy ...Boy (KCP Remix) by E-Rotic
  12. Here It Comes (Hardcore Heaven Mix) by DJ Seduction
  13. Flying (Dougal Remix) by DJ Ell & Dream
  14. Hey Yeah by DJ Seduction
  15. 12 Inches Of Love (97 Remix) by DJ Sy & Eruption
  16. On And On (Slipmatt Remix) by Brisk & Ham
  17. Starry Night by Hixxy
  18. Eye Opener by Brisk & Trixxy
  19. Steam Train (DNA '97 Remix) by Dougal & Hopscotch
  20. Here With Me by DJ FX
  21. Volume 5 by Juicy Cuts
  22. Come And Follow Me by DJ Stompy
  23. Get On Up by E-Logic
  24. Tranquillity by Dougal
  25. Muzic (Ham Remix) by Happy Rollers
Dancemania Speed 2 3 March 1999
  1. My Heart Will Go On by Deja Vu Featuring Tasmin
  2. Jump by Bus Stop
  3. Complete Loving by Sound Assassins
  4. Butterfly (Upswing Mix) by
  5. Follow The Sun (90 In The Shade Mix) by Triple J
  6. Like A Prayer by Sound Assassins
  7. Smooth & Irresistible by DJ Vinylgroover & Brisk
  8. Hip Swing by DJ DNA
  9. Freedom (Seduction & DNA Remix) by QFX
  10. Captain Jack (Grandale Remix) by Captain Jack
  11. Hardcore Is The Future by Dream Sequence
  12. Clearly by Dream Sequence
  13. Move Ya Feet by DJ Energy
  14. Here I Am (Analogue Mix) by DJ Ham, Demo & Justine Time
  15. Sunshine After The Rain by Go Mental
  16. Don't You Want Me by Joe Bloggs
  17. Turn Me On by E-Rotic
  18. Let's Fly by Breeze
  19. Nothing Compares by DJ Fuze
  20. I Will Always Love You by Sarah Washington
  21. Beats Like These by Unknown Project
  22. Died In Your Arms Tonight (Remix) by Go Mental
  23. Cheddar 4 (Sy & Unknown Remix) by Cheddar
  24. Vol.1 by Silk Cuts
  25. Vol.4 by Ravers Choice
  26. Techno Wonderland by 10 Whites Recordings [13]
Dancemania Speed 3 8 September 1999
  1. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Planet Lution Mix) by Deja Vu Feat. Tasmin
  2. Vol. 3-A by Silk Cuts
  3. Boom Boom Dollar (K.O.G. G3 Mix) by King Kong & D'Jungle Girls
  4. Life Is Like A Dance (Dougal & Micky Skeedal Remix) by Dougal & Micky Skeedal
  5. Drill Instructor (C-Jah Happy Mix) by Captain Jack
  6. Show Me The Way by DJ Brisk & Trixxy
  7. Boys (Pess JV Mix) by
  8. Hold Your Hands To Heaven by DJ Stompy & D'Skys
  9. Have It All (Panoramic Mix) by Triple J#99 Red Balloons by Jimmy J
  10. The Beating Of My Heart by DJ Storm
  11. Party Pumper (Billy Bunter Remix) by Brisk vs. Rebel Alliance
  12. Dance With Somebody by DJ DNA
  13. Motorway Madness by DJ Vibes & Wishdokta
  14. Deep In The Underground by Lock Jaw
  15. Imperial March (Remix) by Sy & Unknown
  16. Flashdance (What A Feeling) by Magika Feat. Stixman
  17. Rush Hour (Vinylgroover Remix) by DJ Magical
  18. What's Up 2000 (KCP Grandale Mix) by DJ Miko
  19. Pain In My Heart (KCP Mix) by Carina
  20. Vol. 8-A by Juicy Cuts
  21. Kiss Me (KCP Remix) by E-Rotic
  22. Now Is The Time (DJ Hixxy & Trixxy Remix) by Scott Brown vs. DJ Rabs
  23. Let It Life You (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) by Billy Bunter & JDS
  24. Eternal Flame by DJ Kaos
  25. Hold Me Now by DJ Kaos
  26. Fly Away by Visa
Dancemania Speed 4 8 March 2000
  1. Brilliant 2U (K.O.G. G3 Mix) by Naoki
  2. Hero (Happy Grandale Mix) by Papaya
  3. Change The World by CJ Crew feat. Blueman
  4. If You Were Here (B4 Za Beat Mix) by Jennifer
  5. SOS by Nancy And The Boys
  6. Eyes on Me Featured In Final Fantasy VIII (Super Planet Mix) by Faye Wong
  7. Want To Be Free by Sedders
  8. Forever by Hixxy & Bananaman
  9. I Believe by DJ Stompy
  10. Sweet Desire by DJ Kaos
  11. Saint Goes Marching (Helix Remix) by The Saint
  12. Superman by DNA & Simon Apex [17]"
  13. Go West by Kama-Sutra's Gang
  14. Big Air Head[18] by Brisk
  15. Paradise by DJ Stompy
  16. Dam Dariram (KCP Mix) by Joga
  17. It's Not Over by DJ Seduction & Dougal
  18. Sincerely Yours by DJ Kaos
  19. Dynamite Rave (B4 Za Beat Mix) by Naoki
  20. Samplemania (Brisk Remix) by DJ Seduction
  21. Elevation by DJ Stompy
  22. Have You Never Been Mellow (MM Groovin' Mix) by The Olivia Project
  23. Rainfall Down by Brisk & Vinylgroover
  24. My Destiny by Twist
  25. So Real by Vinylgroover
  26. Gimme Gimme Gimme (Hardcore Mix) by E-Rotic
  27. I Wanna See The Sun (Speed Mix) by Wildside
  28. Run To Me (Brisk Remix) by E-Logic
  29. Oh My God by DJ Wyle
  30. Livin' La Vida Loca by CJ Crew feat. Giorgio
Dancemania Speed 5 20 September 2000[21]
  1. Rhythm and Police (K.O.G G3 Mix) by CJ Crew feat. Christian D
  2. Ninzaburo by CJ Crew feat. Sedge
  3. The Final Countdown by Tommy B
  4. Hiho (Red Monster Hyper Mix) by Captain Jack
  5. Let It Be by Sound Assassins
  6. WWW.Blonde Girl (Momo Mix) by Jenny Rom
  7. Do It All Night (Grandale Mix) by E-Rotic
  8. Pure Shores by Nancy and The Boys
  9. Maria (Japanese Mix) by DJ Kawasaki
  10. More Than I Needed To Know (Super Planet Mix) by Scooch
  11. Total Eclypse by Sound Assassins
  12. My Favourite Game (Super Planet Mix) by Natalie Browne
  13. Wake Up! by Mr. Dynamite
  14. Take Me Up (DJ Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) by Sub-State
  15. Twilight Zone (B4 Za Beat Mix) by 2 Unlimited
  16. You Know It by The Bandits
  17. Can't Take My Eyes Off You by Beat Box feat. DJ Speedo
  18. Love, Life & Happiness (Ham Mix) by Stealth
  19. Doo-Be-Di-Boy (KCP Mix) by
  20. Checkin' Da Cutz by Brisk & Vinylgroover
  21. Feel Your Love by DJ Stompy & D'Skys[22]
  22. Speedy Love by Speedogang
  23. Hands of Destiny by Cru-L-T & DJ Evil[23]
  24. Sesame's Treet by Smart'es 2000
  25. The New Odyssey (from Obsession) by Vinylgroover
  26. SMD5 by SMD
  27. Make 'Em Bounce by Double Dutch
  28. Kiss It (Psycangle Remix) by Ballistic
  29. Classic Cutz by DJ Kambel
  30. Chariots of Hardcore by DJ Kambel
Dancemania Speed 6 16 March 2001
  1. Dancing All Alone (Kimono Grandale Mix) by
  2. Jumping To Heaven by Judy Crystal
  3. Oh Nick Please Not So Quick by E-Rotic
  4. I Want It That Way by CJ Crew
  5. Can't Stop Fallin' In Love (Ventura Hyper Mix) by Naoki
  6. Lupin The 3rd '78 (Speed K Mix) by Ventura
  7. Get Ready For This (KCP Mix) by 2 Unlimited
  8. Smile For Me by Smiling Jane
  9. Imagine by Sound Assassins
  10. No Where To Hide by DJ Stompy
  11. The Best Days by Northwest
  12. Your Dreams by DJ Stompy
  13. Eternity by Triple J
  14. Hymn by DJ Jaxx
  15. Wonderland by Y.Cee
  16. My Generation (Speed Pitch Mix) by Captain Jack
  17. Larger Than Life by CJ Crew
  18. Highway Star by Speedmaster
  19. Up To Eleven by CJ Crew
  20. Bridge Over Troubled Waters by E-Logic
  21. Sha La La by Maria Short
  22. Music by Nancy And The Boys
  23. Witch Doctor (Hyper KCP Mix) by Cartoons
  24. Sound Of The Nations by S & K
  25. Wanting To Get High by Hixxy & Sharkey
  26. Falling by DJ Fade & Simon Apex
  27. Let Me Play by Hyperaktive
  28. Flower Needs The Rain by Stealth
  29. Hanky Panky (E=MC2 Mix) by Jenny Rom
  30. Blue Fever by DJ Kambel VS MC Magika
Dancemania Speed 7 27 September 2001
  1. Survivor by Nancy And The Boys
  2. My Fire (KCP Remix) by X-Treme
  3. B4U (B4 Za Beat Mix) by Naoki
  4. Jaded (Remix) by Tommy B.
  5. Footloose (Hyper Mix) by Bus Stop
  6. I Believe In Miracles (Hyper Momo Mix) by Hi-Rise
  7. Doesn't Really Matter by DJ Speedo
  8. I Love You Babe by Priscilla & Judy
  9. Baby Baby Baby by Maria Short
  10. Boom Boom Boom by Judy Crystal
  11. All Around The World (E=MC2 Mix) by The Zippers
  12. Happy Again (S&K Mix) by Smiling Jane
  13. 1, 2, 3, 4, 007 (Speed Pop Mix) by Ni-Ni
  14. Robin Robin Hood (Speed Version) by Jenny Rom
  15. Walkie Talkie (Momo Mix) by King Kong & D'Jungle Girls
  16. Let The Beat Control Your Body (B4 Za Beat Speed Mix) by 2 Unlimited
  17. Queen Of Love by Wildside
  18. Sweet Dreams X-Clusive by BPM
  19. I Need Your Lovin by Vinylgroover & Trixxy
  20. Sexual Healing (Planet Lution Mix) by E-Rotic
  21. Born Slippy by CJ Crew
  22. Born To Rave by DJ Stompy
  23. Vortex by DJ Fade
  24. Play The Vibes by Adiktion
  25. The Race (Power Drill Mix) by Captain Jack
  26. Going To Suzuka (Shoemaker Mix) by S & K
  27. Mindblowin by Brisk & Fade
  28. Hero 2001 by Alk-E-D
  29. Crash by Luna-C#Dream State (Spaceman) by DJ Kambel vs. MC Magika
Dancemania Speed 8 6 March 2002
  1. There You'll Be by DJ Speedo
  2. Long Train Runnin' (Ventura Mix) by Bus Stop
  3. Telephone Operator (K.O.G G3 Mix) by Pete Shelley
  4. Sky High (Speed Mix) by DJ Miko
  5. Upside Down (Y&Co. Speed Mix) by Coo Coo
  6. Love & Love by Judy & Priscilla
  7. Party Time (Speedy Mix) by S & K
  8. Speed Japan by Wildside
  9. Livin' In America by Rose & John
  10. Waka Laka (E=MC2 Mix) by Jenny Rom & The Zippers
  11. That's The Way (KCP Remix) by X-Treme
  12. Stop In The Name Of Love by Amelia B.
  13. Miles Away (Hard Mix) by 3rd Source
  14. Lady Marmalade by Nancy And The Boys
  15. Still In My Heart (Momo Mix) by Naoki
  16. Happiness (Speed Mix) by The Zippers
  17. The Game Of Love (E=MC2 Mix) by Jenny Rom
  18. Follow Me (Hi-Score Remix) by Captain Jack
  19. Gotta Get It Groovin' (KCP Remix) by E-Rotic
  20. Rise To The Occasion by Connie And The Plainsman
  21. I'll Never Let You Go by DJ Stompy
  22. One More Time by CJ Crew
  23. Movin' On by Double Dutch
  24. Serious Hardcore by Brisk & Ham
  25. Now Is The Time 2000 by Scott Brown
  26. Sun Always Shines by Mr. X
  27. Power Of Love 2001 by Q-Tex
  28. Hold On by Trixxy
  29. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (DJ Kambel Remix) by Cosmic Gate
  30. Last Nite Kambel Saved My Life by DJ Kambel Vs MC Magika
Dancemania Speed 9 26 September 2002
  1. Irresistiblement by Wildside
  2. Cartoon Heroes (Speedy Mix) by Barbie Young
  3. Smile (Speedy Mix) by Orlando
  4. Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex (Grandale Mix) by E-Rotic
  5. Crazy by DJ Stompy
  6. Test Of Time by DJ Stompy
  7. Baby Love Me (Speed Mix) by Judy Crystal
  8. Speed Over Beethoven by Rose
  9. Love Shine A "Speedy" Light (Speed Mix) by Speedmaster
  10. Burnin' The Floor (Momo Mix) by Naoki
  11. Synths 'N' Stuff by Techno-Phonic[32]
  12. People Hold On by Sound Assassins [33]
  13. Na-Na (KCP Remix) by Bus Stop
  14. Do It Like This by Chi K Monkey
  15. Fields Of Gold by CJ Crew
  16. Push It by CJ Crew
  17. Don't Tell Me by Nancy And The Boys
  18. Soul Bossa Nova (KCP Remix) by X-Treme
  19. Back In My Life by Mr. X
  20. Take Me Out To The Ball Game (Planet Remix) by Captain Jack
  21. This Beat Has Gotcha by MC Bygglz
  22. Time After Time (Remix) by Sound Assassins
  23. Nights In Heaven – Days In Hell (Lution Remix) by Missing Heart
  24. Ultimate Sounds by Robbie Long & Coyote
  25. Delirious by Double Dutch
  26. Control Your Mind by Brisk & DJ Fade
  27. Senorita (Speedy Mix) by Jenny Rom
  28. Everybody (Speedy Mix) by S & K
  29. Where's The Noize by DJ Kambel
  30. Flashdance (What A Feeling) 2002 (DJ Kambel Remix) by DJ Kambel vs. MC Magika
Dancemania Speed 10 18 December 2002
  1. Complicated by Nancy And The Boys
  2. A Little Less Conversation by CJ Crew
  3. Wild Child by CJ Crew
  4. Private Eyes by Tommy B.
  5. Give It Up (Grandale Mix) by Captain Jack
  6. Relax by Speedmaster
  7. Mas Que Nada (KCP Remix) by X-Treme
  8. I Do I Do I Do (KCP Remix) by Creamy
  9. Ika Uka (E=MC2 Mix) by Jenny Rom
  10. Champagne Supernova by Sound Assassins
  11. Get The Party Started by Nancy And The Boys
  12. Sweet by DJ Evil
  13. Fly With You by DJ Fade
  14. Eyeopener (Scott Brown's Earcloser Remix) by Brisk & Trixxy
  15. Everyday by Wine
  16. Heaven Is A Place On Earth by Wildside
  17. Joy To The World by Orlando
  18. Sabre Dance by Blue Venice
  19. DropTop by Double Dutch
  20. Here Come The Noize by Double Dutch
  21. Radio Rockin' by Brisk & Fade
  22. Want Your Love by Brisk & Fade
  23. Here To Stay by DJ Stompy
  24. September by DJ Speedo
  25. L.O.V.E. (Sex On The Beach) (Lution Remix) by E-Rotic
  26. Get Up'N Move (Speed Mix) by S & K
  27. Carmen Prelude by Violent String Ensemble
  28. Feel The Beat by DJ Kambel VS MC Magika
  29. Brainstorm by DJ Kambel VS MC Magika
  30. Candy (Star) (Planet Remix) by Luv Unlimited

G seriesEdit

Title Date Ref
Dancemania Speed G 21 May 2003 [38]
Dancemania Speed G 2 27 November 2003 [39]
Dancemania Speed G 3 23 June 2004 [40]
Dancemania Speed G 4 30 March 2005 [41]
Dancemania Speed G 5 30 September 2005 [42]


Title Date Ref
Dancemania Speed Best 2001 Hyper Nonstop Megamix 29 November 2000 [43]
Dancemania Speed Presents Happy Ravers 31 January 2001 [44]
Dancemania Speed Presents Trance Ravers 19 December 2001 [45]
Classical Speed 11 December 2002 [46]
Dancemania Speed: Best of Hardcore 3 March 2003 [47]
Speed SFX 18 September 2003 [48]
Christmas Speed 29 October 2003 [49]
Dancemania Speed TV 28 April 2004 [50]
Classical Speed 2 18 August 2004 [51]
Speed Deka 25 November 2004 [52]
Anime Speed 25 May 2005 [53]
Speedrive 31 March 2006 [54]
Anime Speed Newtype edition 19 July 2006 [55]
Happy Speed Best of Dancemania Speed Giga 18 April 2007 [56]


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