Chupong Changprung (Thai; ชูพงษ์ ช่างปรุง, RTGS: Dan Chupong; born March 23, 1981, in Kalasin Province, Thailand;[1] Thai nickname: "Deaw", เดี่ยว) is a Thai actor, martial artist and stuntman. He is also known by his Westernized name, Dan Chupong (the given name is alternatively spelled Choopong or Choupong and the first name is sometimes Danny). Starting out as part of the stunt team of martial-arts choreographer Panna Rittikrai, Chupong's first film credit was as "Bodyguard 4" in Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior. He then went on to leading roles in the 2004 film, Born to Fight and 2006 film Dynamite Warrior. He has also appeared in Nonzee Nimibutr's Queen of Langkasuka (2008), Somtum (2008), Ong Bak 2 (uncredited) and portrayed the main antagonist in Ong Bak 3. He graduated with a bachelor's degree from Srinakarinwirot Institute of Physical Education

Dan Chupong
ชูพงษ์ ช่างปรุง
Chupong Changprung

(1981-03-23) March 23, 1981 (age 42)
Other names
  • Deaw
  • Dan
  • Danny Chu
  • Actor
  • martial artist
  • action choreographer
  • martial arts
  • choreographer
  • stunt man
  • director
Years active2003—present

To stay prepared for his film roles, Chupong has a regular workout routine that includes running and gymnastics. He took acting lessons to prepare for his role in Dynamite Warrior.[1]

Filmography edit

Year Title Role Note Reference
2003 Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior Bodyguard 4
2004 Born to Fight (2004 film) Deaw He as first role in movie
2006 Dynamite Warrior Siang Lead actor and martial arts
2008 Somtum (film) Lieutenant Pong Special Appearance
Queens of Langkasuka General Commander Jarang
Ong Bak 2 Bhuti Sangkha / Crow Ghost
2010 Ong Bak 3 Bhuti Sangkha / Crow Ghost
2014 Vengeance of an Assassin Thee
2016 The Last Assignment Dan
Khun Pan Sang
2017 Oversized Cops Khem Special Appearance
2020 The Kill List (TV- Movie) Jack
Monster Hunter (film) Stunt double: Tony Jaa
2023 The Expendables 4 Bai

Television edit

Year Thai title Title Role Network Notes With
2016 เจ้าเวหา ตอน ฝั่งน้ำจรดฝั่งฟ้า Mhad True4U
ขุนกระทิง The Reincarnation Le-Kong-Win Channel 7
2017 เชลยศึก Kroo-Theing Channel 8 Cameo
แหวนปราบมาร Than-Jit-ta-Theb Channel 7
เล่ห์ลับสลับร่าง Leh Lub Salub Rarng 2017 Stunt performer Channel 3 Cameo
2018 เล็บครุฑ Stunt performer Channel 7 Cameo
Monkey Twins วายุเทพยุทธ์ Monkey Twins Sa-Ming One 31
2020 ล่าท้าชน Stunt performer Channel 7 Cameo
คุณแม่มาเฟีย Stunt performer GMM 25 Cameo
2021 ดงพญาเย็น One 31
2023 ข้าวเหนียวทองคำ Khao Niao Thong Kham Thongchat One 31

References edit

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