Daivões Dam

Daivões Dam (Portuguese: Barragem de Daivões) is a concrete arch-gravity dam on the Tâmega River. It is located in the municipalities of Ribeira de Pena and Cabeceiras de Basto, in Vila Real and Braga Districts, respectively, Portugal and it is part of the wider Tâmega Electricity-Generating Group formed of 3 dams and 3 plants[1]

Daivões Dam
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Daivões Dam is located in Portugal
Daivões Dam
Location of Daivões Dam in Portugal
Official nameBarragem de Daivões
Locationmunicipalities Ribeira de Pena, Vila Real District, and Cabeceiras de Basto, Braga District
Coordinates41°31′27.6708″N 7°51′53.6328″W / 41.524353000°N 7.864898000°W / 41.524353000; -7.864898000
Opening date2022
Dam and spillways
Type of damArch-gravity concrete dam
ImpoundsTâmega River
Installed capacity118 MW (158,000 hp)
Annual generation159 GWh

Iberdrola signed a 70 year concession with the Government of Portugal in July 2014 for the design, construction and operation of three projects: Alto Tâmega, Daivões and Gouvães dams.[2]

Construction of the dam completed in July 2022.[3]


Daivões Dam is a 77.5 m tall, 264 m long dam.[4]


The reservoir surface area for the dam has 1.76 km2.[4]

Power plantEdit

The generating unit of the dam consists of two 57 MW Francis turbine units with a maximum flow rate of 220m³/s and a small 4.1 MW unit to turbine the ecological flow, producing 159 GWh of electricity a year. The spillways are located over the dam and consist of four radial gates with a width of 11.5 m and height of 9 m each with a maximum discharge capacities of 3,400 m³/s.[4]

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