Dairy Council

The Dairy Council is a British organisation founded in 1920 to promote the widespread consumption of milk in the UK, and advocate its health benefits.

Dairy Council
Dairy Council 1.jpg
FormationFebruary 24, 1920; 102 years ago (1920-02-24)
PurposePromotion of milk consumption in the UK
HeadquartersHigh Holborn
London, WC1
Coordinates51°31′03″N 0°07′16″W / 51.5174°N 0.1212°W / 51.5174; -0.1212Coordinates: 51°31′03″N 0°07′16″W / 51.5174°N 0.1212°W / 51.5174; -0.1212
Parent organization
Dairy UK
Formerly called
National Milk Publicity Council


It was founded on 24 February 1920,[1] and incorporated on 4 February 1925[2] as the National Milk Publicity Council, situated on Southampton Street, London. From 1983 until 2001 it was known as the National Dairy Council.

During WWII it had to curtail its activities as milk was heavily rationed. Sale of milk in the UK was three pints per head each week in 1939, rising to five pints in 1951.[3]


It is situated in Holborn, west of Holborn tube station, next door to the Food Standards Agency in the offices of Dairy UK. Sodexo UK & Ireland is on the opposite side of High Holborn. It is a subsidiary of Dairy UK.[4]


It produced slogans to consume milk such as drinka pinta milka day in the 1950s. It placed large adverts in national newspapers.

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