Daily Banglar Bani

Daily Banglar Bani was a Bangladeshi national newspaper published in Bengali language.[1][2][3] Banglar Bani had a secular ideology and was pro Bangladesh Awami League.[4]

Daily Banglar Bani
TypeDaily newspaper
Founder(s)Hafiz Hafizur Rahman and Sheikh Fazlul Haque Mani


The Daily Banglar Bani started publication in 1969 by Hafiz Hafizur Rahman and Sheikh Fazlul Haque Mani.[5] During the Bangladesh Liberation war in 1971 the Daily Banglar Bani was published from Kolkata.[6] The Newspaper was founded by Sheikh Fazlul Haque Mani, a politician of Bangladesh Awami League and the nephew of President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.[7] After the Independence of Bangladesh, Banglar Bani started publication in Dhaka from 21 February 1972. The paper received the highest amount of government advertisement when the Bangladesh Awami League government was in power.[8] Sheikh Moni was a rival of Tajuddin Ahmed and would write editorials against him in the paper.[9] The newspaper was banned on February 1987 by the government of General Hussain Mohammad Ershad for accusing the government of supplying weapons to militias.[10][11] In the 1990s Islamic fundamentalist called for the newspaper to be closed.[12]


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