Dai (surname)

Dai is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname written with the Chinese character . It is romanized as Tai in Wade-Giles and in Hong Kong Government Cantonese Romanisation. Dai is the 96th most common surname in China, according to a report on the household registrations released by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security on April 24, 2007.[1]

Dai ()
RomanizationMandarin: Dai, Tai
PronunciationDài (Mandarin)

Meanings of the characterEdit

  • Apply items to the person's head, face, neck, hand, etc.

Notable peopleEdit


  • Dai Chunning (戴春宁, born 1962), Chinese finance businessman
  • Dai Min (戴敏, born 1958), Chinese water treatment businesswoman
  • Weili Dai (戴伟立), Chinese-born American technology businesswoman
  • Andrew Tai (戴浩原), Canadian-Chinese businessman, Founder & CEO of Unhaggle and Motoinsight

Academia and literatureEdit

  • Dai Yi (戴逸, born 1926), Chinese historian
  • Dai Qing (戴晴, born 1941), Chinese journalist
  • Dai Sijie (戴思杰, born 1954), Chinese-born French author and filmmaker
  • Dai Jinhua (戴锦华, born 1959), Chinese feminist cultural critic
  • Dai Xu (戴旭, born 1964), Chinese author, social commentator, and the president of Marine Institute For Security And Cooperation
  • Benny Tai (戴耀廷, born 1964), associate professor of law at the University of Hong Kong
  • Hongjie Dai (戴宏杰, born 1966), Chinese-born American chemist


  • Aaron Dai (戴海清, born 1967), American composer and pianist
  • Leon Dai (戴立忍, born 1966), Taiwanese actor and film director
  • Penny Tai (戴佩妮, born 1978), Malaysian Mandopop singer
  • Dai Jiaoqian (戴娇倩, born 1982), Chinese actress
  • Dantes Dailiang (戴亮, born 1978), French Mandopop singer
  • Ivan Tai (戴靖航 "原名:戴駿豪", born 1994), Malaysian actor and TV News Anchor

Politics and governmentEdit

  • Dai Jitao (戴季陶, 1891–1949), journalist and Kuomintang leader
  • Dai Li (also Tai Li; 戴笠, 1897–1946), Republic of China spy chief
  • Dai Bingguo (戴秉国, born 1941), Chinese politician and diplomat
  • Dai Xianglong (戴相龙, born 1944), Chinese politician, former governor of the People's Bank of China
  • Tai Chin-wah (戴展華, born 1952), Hong Kong former politician and lawyer
  • Dai Weimin (戴维民, born 1962), People's Liberation Army general
  • Day Guey-ing (戴桂英), Deputy Minister of Department of Health of the Republic of China (2012–2013)
  • Irving H.C. Tai (戴豪君), Taiwan politician, former Deputy Commissioner of the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission
  • Tai Cheuk-yin (戴卓賢), Hong Kong politician, former chairman of the 123 Democratic Alliance


  • Tai Chao-chih (戴兆智, born 1930), Taiwanese sport shooter
  • Dai Guohong (戴国红, born 1977), Chinese swimmer
  • Dai Yun (戴韫, born 1977), retired Chinese female badminton player
  • Dai Xianrong (戴宪荣, born 1982), China League One footballer
  • Dai Lili (戴丽丽, born 1986), Chinese table tennis player
  • Dai Lin (戴琳, born 1987), Chinese Super League footballer
  • Tai Hung-hsu (戴宏旭, born 1987), Taiwanese football striker
  • Dai Xiaoxiang (戴小祥, born 1990), Chinese archer
  • Dai Jun (戴骏, born 1992), Chinese swimmer
  • Tai Tzu-ying (戴資穎, born 1992), Taiwanese badminton player
  • Olivia Tai Qing Tong (戴辛彤, born c. 1998), Malaysian rhythmic gymnast


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