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Daglingworth Church of the Holy Rood

Daglingworth is a Gloucestershire village in the valley of the River Duntisbourne, near the A417 road connecting Gloucester and Cirencester. The Church of The Holy Rood in the village is an Anglo-Saxon church with well-preserved stone carvings, including an Anglo-Saxon crucifixion tablet dating to 1015. There is also a canonical sundial on the south wall. The population taken at the 2011 census was 265.[1]

In the late 19th century, George Witts made reference to Daglingworth Roman Villa:[2]

About the year 1690 the foundations of a Roman villa were discovered in the parish of Daglingworth, close to the Ermine Street, two and a half miles north-west of Cirencester. It was situated in a field called "Cave Close." I am not aware of any description of this, and am unable to give any details as to dimensions, or as to what articles of antiquity were found.


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