Dae Geonhwang

Geonhwang of Balhae (r. 857–871) was the 12th king of Balhae. He was the younger brother of Dae Ijin, his predecessor on the throne.[1]

Dae Geonhwang
Revised RomanizationDae Geon-hwang
or Dae Cheo-hwang
McCune–ReischauerTae Kŏn-hwang
or Tae Ch'ŏ-hwang

Because none of Balhae's own records have survived, we know little of Geonhwang except that he sent a few missions to Japan and Tang China.[1]

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Dae Geonhwang
 Died: 871
Regnal titles
Preceded by King of Balhae
Succeeded by