Dadagiri is an Indian reality show that premiered on Bindass in 2008.

Country of originIndia
No. of seasons4
Running time1 hour
Production companyUTV Television
Original networkBindass
Picture format(480p) (SDTV)
(720p) (HDTV)
Original release2008 –


In its first season, called Dadagiri: Beat the Bullies premiered in 2008, contestants were selected every week and would compete for a prize money of Rs. 50,000. It was hosted by Akash Beri and had 4 "bullies": Vishal as "The Beast", Srman as "The Mindstein", and Esha Bhaskar as "The Goddess" and Quaiser Jamal as Juicy The Chef.[citation needed] Contestants were required to complete physical and mental challenges, as well as endure abuse by the show's "bullies".[1] According to a former contestant, the show was about 70% scripted and 30% improvised.[2]

The second season premiered in 2009 and featured 12 contenders competing for a prize of Rs. 1,000,000. It became the highest-rated program among Indian youth TV channels in that year. It had 2 bullies; Vishal returned as "The Beast" for the second season, and Sonnalli Seygall replaced Esha as "The Goddess".

The third season premiered in 2010, D3 Commando Force: Dadagiri Against Terrorism, also had cash prize.[citation needed]

The fourth and final season premiered in 2011, titled Dadagiri: The Revenge of the Sexes, featured two groups divided by gender. The male team was led by Vishal as "The Beast" and the female team by Shaurya as "The Goddess".[citation needed]

Slapping incidentEdit

Actors and hosts are supposed to bully one another,[1] but violence was never agreed upon. In one episode in 2008, "Esha, the Goddess" (Esha Bhaskar) slapped a contestant named Ravi Bhatia in an unscripted physical attack. He immediately slapped her back.[3] The incident resulted in the male host (Akash Beri) and some crew members physically assaulting Bhatia[4] while he repeatedly asked "How can she slap?" with the crew appearing to be slow in breaking them up.

Threats of violence were later made against Bhatia's sister and mother by the host Akash Beri and crew. A video of the incident was leaked and widely shown on Indian television.[5] The video also went viral on the Internet.[6] Bhatia subsequently sent a legal notice to the producers and asked for a public apology.,[7]


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