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DSF Refractories and Minerals Limited is the last major British producer of refractory products, both shaped and unshaped. DSF is located in Friden within the Derbyshire's Peak National Park.

DSF also a processor and supplier of crushed and graded refractory raw materials for other applications such as coloured road-stone.

DSF was established in 1993 following the receivership of DSF Refractories Ltd and its parent company BH-F.

British Hartford-Fairmont Ltd 'BH-F' had owned the company since 1987. They acquired DSF to support their business in the glass industry from West Group International 'WGI' who had as West Gas Improvement formed the company in 1892 as Derbyshire Silica Firebrick Ltd to support WGI's gas development business by the manufacture of refractories for use in the production of town gas. By the 1960s, the business diversified into supplying other industries including steel, glass and cement.

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