dLocal is a Uruguayan financial technology company. It provides cross-border payments connecting global merchants to emerging markets.

IndustryFinancial technology
Founded2016 in Montevideo, Uruguay
Key people
Executive team:
Sebastián Kanovich
Jacobo Singer
Sumita Pandit
Diego Cabrera Canay
Hernán di Chello

Board Members:
Martín Escobari
Eduardo Azar
Andrés Bzurovski
Sergio Fogel
Number of employees
ca. 300 (2021)

Established in 2016 as a startup, soon it became the first Uruguayan unicorn. The company has offices in Montevideo, São Paulo, San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv and Shenzhen.[1]

As of 3 June 2021, dLocal went public, reaching a stock market valuation of USD 9.5bn.[1] It is listed at Nasdaq,[2] being the second Uruguayan company in history to reach Wall Street after Starmedia in the 1990s.[1]

Their founders, Andrés Bzurovski and Sergio Fogel, are among the 2000 richest persons in the world, according to Forbes.[3]


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