Cycling at the 2012 Summer Olympics – Women's team sprint

The women's cycling team sprint at the 2012 Olympic Games in London took place at the London Velopark on 2 August.[1]

Women's cycling team sprint
at the Games of the XXX Olympiad
VenueLondon Velopark
Date2 August
Competitors20 from 10 nations
Winning time32.798
1st place, gold medalist(s) Kristina Vogel
Miriam Welte
2nd place, silver medalist(s) Gong Jinjie
Guo Shuang
3rd place, bronze medalist(s) Kaarle McCulloch
Anna Meares
2016 →

Kristina Vogel and Miriam Welte of Germany won the gold medal with a time of 32.798 seconds. China won the silver medal and Australia took bronze.

Competition formatEdit

The team sprint is a two-lap race between two teams of two cyclists, starting on opposite sides of the track. Each member of the team must lead for one of the laps.

The tournament consisted of an initial qualifying round. The top eight teams advanced to the first round. The first round comprised head-to-head races based on seeding (1st vs. 8th, 2nd vs. 7th, etc.). The winners of those four heats advanced to the medal round, with the two fastest winners competing in the gold medal final and the two slower winners facing off for bronze.[2]


All times are British Summer Time

Date Time Round
Thursday 2 August 2012 16:00 Qualifications and final


British Pendleton and Varnish: second in the qualification but relegated in the first round


Rank Heat Country Cyclists Result Notes
1 5   China Gong Jinjie
Guo Shuang
32.447 Q, WR, OR
2 4   Great Britain Victoria Pendleton
Jessica Varnish
32.526 Q. ER
3 5   Germany Kristina Vogel
Miriam Welte
32.630 Q
4 4   Australia Kaarle McCulloch
Anna Meares
32.825 Q
5 3   Netherlands Yvonne Hijgenaar
Willy Kanis
33.253 Q
6 3   France Sandie Clair
Virginie Cueff
33.638 Q
7 2   Ukraine Lyubov Shulika
Olena Tsyos
33.708 Q
8 1   Venezuela Daniela Larreal
Mariaesthela Vilera
34.320 Q
9 1   South Korea Lee Eun-Ji
Lee Hye-Jin
10 2   Colombia Diana García
Juliana Gaviria
  • The ride of Varnish and Pendleton for Great Britain took place prior to that of Gong and Guo of China, and broke the existing world record. It was then immediately beaten by the Chinese team's time in the next heat.

First roundEdit

Rank Heat Country Cyclists Result Notes
1 4   China Gong Jinjie
Guo Shuang
32.422 WR, OR
2 2   Germany Kristina Vogel
Miriam Welte
3 1   Australia Kaarle McCulloch
Anna Meares
4 3   Ukraine Lyubov Shulika
Olena Tsyos
5 1   Netherlands Yvonne Hijgenaar
Willy Kanis
6 2   France Sandie Clair
Virginie Cueff
7 4   Venezuela Daniela Larreal
Mariaesthela Vilera
8 3   Great Britain Victoria Pendleton
Jessica Varnish
32.567 REL*
  • Great Britain won their heat with a time which would have qualified them for the gold medal match, but they were relegated for an early exchange.


Final bronze medalEdit

Rank Country Cyclists Result Notes
    Australia Kaarle McCulloch
Anna Meares
4   Ukraine Lyubov Shulika
Olena Tsyos

Final gold medalEdit

Rank Country Cyclists Result Notes
    Germany Kristina Vogel
Miriam Welte
    China Gong Jinjie
Guo Shuang
32.619 REL*
  • China had the best time in the final, but were relegated for an early exchange.