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Cycling at the 2008 Summer Paralympics – Women's time trial

The Women's time trial track cycling events at the 2008 Summer Paralympics took place on September 7–8 at the Laoshan Velodrome.



Cyclists are given a classification depending on the type and extent of their disability. The classification system allows cyclists to compete against others with a similar level of function.

Cycling classes are:

B&VI 1–3Edit

The women's 1 km time trial (B&VI 1–3) took place on September 7.[1]

WR = World Record

Rank Name Country Time
  Aileen McGlynn
Pilot: Ellen Hunter
  Great Britain 1:09.006 WR
  Felicity Johnson
Pilot: Katie Parker
  Australia 1:10.465
  Lindy Hou
Pilot: Katie Parker
  Australia 1:12.463
4 Karissa Whitsell
Pilot: Mackenzie Woodring
  United States 1:12.787
5 Jayne Parsons
Pilot: Annaliisa Farrell
  New Zealand 1:14.048
6 Genevieve Ouellet
Pilot: Mathilde Hupin
  Canada 1:15.639
7 Catherine Mary Walsh
Pilot: Joanna Hickey
  Ireland 1:16.208
8 Ana Lopez
Pilot: Marina Girona
  Spain 1:19.712

LC1–2/CP 4Edit

The women's 500m time trial (LC1–2/CP 4) took place on September 8.[2]

Rank Name Country Time
  Jennifer Schuble   United States 0.34.3
  Yaping Ye   China +0.01.8
  Jingping Dong   China +0.02.6
4 Jufang Zhou   China +0.02.6
5 Sarah Storey   Great Britain +0.04.0
6 Roxy Burns   South Africa +0.04.6
7 Silvana Vinci   Italy +0.05.6
8 Greta Neimanas   United States +0.05.9
9 Fiona Southorn   New Zealand +0.08.0
10 Anita Ruetz   Austria +0.08.2

LC3–4/CP 3Edit

The women's 500m time trial (LC 3–4/CP 3) took place on September 8.[2]

Rank Name Country Time
  Paula Tesoriero   New Zealand 0.43.3
  Natalie Simanowski   Germany +0.00.5
  Jayme Paris   Australia +0.01.2
4 Jane Armstrong   Australia +0.02.1
5 Qi Tang   China +0.02.6
6 Allison Jones   United States +0.03.1
7 Susan Van Staden   South Africa +0.03.8
8 Barbara Buchan   United States +0.03.8
9 Raquel Acinas   Spain +0.05.4
10 Zhifeng Niu   China +0.05.7